Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Valentine's Day Songs

The other day I received a SPAM email saying that as a music blogger I should post about romantic music for Valentine's Day and enter it into a competition.  I could win all sorts of wonderful prizes, a guitar, iPhones, etc.  OK, I am not entering the competition,but I liked the idea, so here goes.

When Mrs RC and I first got together we listened to a lot of Billy Joel. This is a song that is close to both our hearts as we used to cuddle up in our little attic flat in those early days:

My second choice is real classic.  Could have gone for the Mariah Carey version, but I still prefer the original.  If this doesn't give you goose bumps you have no soul!

This is a rather unconventional love song from The Smiths. I love it because it captures that young and so in love I can hardly breath feeling. Listen to the lyrics if this is a new song to you, they are great:

So there you have it - my 3 love songs for Valentine's Day. What are yours?


terri said...

I've never heard that Billy Joel song. Can you believe it? And I like it. Great choices. Mine are:

I'm sure if I thought about it more, I'd have some oldies, but... oh well. :-)

Julia Smith said...

Hi - I've popped over in a bit of a rock-skipping technique from Shrinky's blog via Akelamalu's blog. I love your choices, especially Without You (adore that one) and the Smiths one. Hmm...three from me...?

The first would have to be Pretty World by Sergio Mendes (my first dance song at my wedding.)

The second: Chains by The Beatles

Third: Touch Me by The Doors

Rock Chef said...

Terri - those are pretty good! Much more of this and I will become the Country Chef!

Julia Smith - Good to see you! I never think of The Doors as doing love songs!

Kate said...

Great picks!

This post made me reach for my iPod and click on the playlist for me and my hubby.

Some of my favorites (I can't say they're all 'our' favorites because he rolls his eyes at some of them :) Into the Mystic by Van Morrison, Everlong by the Foo Fighters, Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews, Building a Mystery by Sarah McLachlan, Come Away With Me by Norah Jones, Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins, Trouble Me by 10,000 Maniacs, and These Dreams by Heart.

Hmm . . . maybe I should do a post on this too. I've got about 20 more!

Rock Chef said...

Kate - Yes, post away! Funny, I have been listening to a lot of Heart lately.

agg79 said...

I used to be a fairly big Billy Joel fan, but, like Terri, ain't never heard that one.

Some old ones from back in the stone ages...

Rock Chef said...

agg79 - Been years since I heard Linda Ronstadt. Great voice! Are you in league with Terri to get me into Country? :-)

TechnoBabe said...

Three great picks for sure, RC!

As much as music has always been in my life I don't think I have heard the Billy Joel song. Hubby and I listened to it and enjoyed it.

I have specific songs that mean love to me but they are because they have something to do with hubby and me.

Rock Chef said...

TechnoBabe - I am really surprised that none of you have heard that one before! Songs that are just special to two of you for some reason are the best. We have a few of those too.