Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have a bowl of sweets on my desk with a sign:

Happy Valentine's Day!
Have my Jelly Babies!

They are almost all gone now.

In line with our Spartan approach to things this year we are not buying presents for each other, but we will be having a nice family meal tonight.  Not sure what it will be, that is currently Mrs RC's secret, but I am really looking forward to it.

Have a great day - make sure you hug those you love!

More later.


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Rock Chef said...

Jeez, get over it!

TechnoBabe said...

I like that you say hug those you love. Enjoy your family meal and don't forget to hug them all.

Rock Chef said...

TechnoBge - I will do!

Kate said...

It's a good thing you added the word "Jelly" to the sign, or people might take it the wrong way!

Happy Valentine's Day RC!

terri said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you enjoyed your special meal with the family.

I didn't think WE were buying presents for one another either. I was wrong. Now I feel like a schmuck.

tz said...

oh hey boycott american women guy was on another blog I've read recently (she wasn't too appreciative :D)

happy valentine's day back at ya! I'm with terri, I woke up to chocolates and an orchid...and an emailed jib jab card....

i made him coffee :D
i feel like a schmuck too

agg79 said...

I like the low key approach - spend time with your loved one. This has become too much of a Hallmark holiday. That said, I did not forget my significant other. I may be slow, but I ain't stupid (that's debatable).

Shrinky said...

Gee, I never knew all that stuff about American women.. who woulda' thunk it, eh?

We exchanged only token gifts this year too - a box of choc's each (as I don't eat choc's, it's a win-win situation for hubby). He's in London this week, but we can always celebrate another day.

A special meal, cooked by someone who loves you, is worth a thousand roses!