Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Law is an Ass

Often said, but for me this story proves it.

The mother of a heroine addict did not want her daughter to go out and buy more drugs, so she taped her legs together and kept her in the house.

Was she praised for taking such positive action to maybe save her daughter's life?

No, she was taken to court, charged with imprisoning her daughter and sent to prison for a year.


Holy crap, people get less than that for mugging old ladies in the street!

Rant over, back tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

meanwhile the daughter is still probably strung out

terri said...

Prison? For a YEAR? What the hell???

Rock Chef said...

wigsf - I am sure she is!

Terri - Isn't it crazy?

agg79 said...

Justice, they say, is blind (and apparently stupid as well). In the old days, parents could discipline their kids to teach them a lesson. Now, if you even yell at them, it is considered abuse.

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - very true. Once kids get a bit out of control it is hard to pull them back...