Friday, 4 February 2011


Fitting this in between lectures!

Another busy week comes to an end and it looks like the weekend will be just as busy.  The kids seem to have built up a list of things they need for school - new shirts, shoes, etc, so a good part of Saturday is going to be spent searching for those.  We have decided to take Frou Frou with us too, so I might see if I can head away with her to one of the city parks while the others get what they need...  Here's hoping!

I only have 2 weeks to complete my next assignment - I know what I am going to write (more or less) but it is finding the time to write it up properly. Might have a late session at home over the weekend to break ground, so to speak...

The weather has changed again. Yesterday it was Spring!  Today we have high winds (apparently pushing 50mph at times) and rain.  I love cycling in this  :-(

Oh well, time up!  Must get to class now, via the Coke machine.  Had a late night last night - Frou Frou wouldn't settle down and by the time she did I wasn't tired any more!  I can normally fall asleep really quickly but last night I just laid there...  Ugh.

Have a great weekend - more (and hopefully more interesting) next week!


agg79 said...

Have a great weekend! Good time to enjoy the spring weather and I'm sure Frou Frou will love the park.

terri said...

Does Custard get jealous when you take Frou-Frou out with you on these outings?

Hope you find time to get a good jump on your assignment this weekend.

And each time you mention having your sleep interrupted by Frou-Frou, it makes me rethink my need to get a puppy :-)

Teresa said...

Wow..I've been absent from the blog world for a while now. I come overe here and see so many new things!! A new blog name, new color (love it BTW) and a new puppy!!! Love all of it!! Frou Frou is so cute and I LOVE the name.

I hope you are doing well and it IS my goal to make it back to blogging at some point or atleast back to reading everyone's again. We're making headway w/ Kenzie and learning a ton about what she is dealing with. We are getting her settled again as well as settling into our home and life again. So many good things!

Take care!