Friday, 11 February 2011


Friday lunchtime is here!

This afternoon?  4 hours of lectures and seminars, with me as a student.  Great fun, on the whole.

Tonight is official Pizza Night - my dad is chomping at the bit for another one, and will probably be after more on Saturday and Sunday too!

I am taking my assignment home, hoping to finally nail it.  There is not much more to do to it.  One "problem" I have is that I am having to say lots of nice things about a particular journal article.  What's wrong with that?  Well it was written by the guy who is teaching me!  I must find something bad to say about it to avoid looking like too much of a suck-up  :-)

My daughter had a bunch of friends over for dinner yesterday evening.  Not usually a problem, except that this bunch include a vegetarian, someone who avoids all dairy and another one who only seems to eat about 3 different things!  Mrs RC's genius solution was to have dinner as a "fill your own fajita" party - lots of bowls with all sorts of stuff in them so everyone would like what they had.  Went down a storm, as did the ice cream for pudding.  Funny, but I noticed that ice cream does not seem to count as "dairy"...

Have a great weekend!


terri said...

Sounds like Pizza Night is likely to turn into Pizza Weekend!

You're joking about the 4 hours of lectures being fun, aren't you?

Having the kids' friends over for dinner is always dicey. Our kids don't tend to be too picky about their foods, but the friends seem to be much pickier!

wReggie said...

I love a good lecture too. Seriously Terri. Funny about your Dad and Pizza.

tz said...

Pizza is the food I would choose if I had to choose just one!

"the only flaw I found in this article was that it was not long enough because I would have loved to continue reading its eloquent prose"