Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Is a lot better than Monday was.

A bit of snow in the air as I headed to work, but this was actually really nice!

An added bonus was that when I went home last night I found that a long section of my route was closed for repairs to potholes. This, of course, actually means "closed to everyone except RC who can have a nice peaceful journey without some stupid bozo trying to run him off the road"! The road was still "closed to everyone except RC who can have a nice peaceful journey without some stupid bozo trying to run him off the road" this morning... This can continue indefinitely as far as I am concerned!

Watched a fun TV movie last night, called Murder in Suburbia. A guy who spends all of his free time making "improvements" to his house - drilling, sawing, hammering, etc - is murdered. Everyone in the street, including his wife, hates him and his constant noise, so who did it?

Still need to nail down this assignment... One week to go... I know what I am going to say, it is just doing it!

I have seen suggestions that some of the snow that is hitting Washington etc will be coming over here at the end of the week - will post some pics from home if it does - I can't see myself cycling in 30 inches of snow!

Have a great Tuesday!


agg79 said...

One man's repair is another man's detour. Good to see you taking advantage of the situation (Improvise, Overcome, Adapt). Enjoy the peaceful ride while it lasts.

There is all sorts of stories over here about the amount of snow hitting the DC area. Something about politicians having to eat their own promises to stay warm. If you do get that much snow, you could try to put skis on the bike.

Rock Chef said...

agg79 - Yes, I saw a kit that converts a bike into a snow mobile - looks like great fun!

Shadowthorne said...

Oh... How I wish it snowed here.

The sun have melted some candles I have stored (accidentally) in my car.

Cruel fate.

Rock Chef said...

Shadowthorne - Meanwhile, I am just hoping for a really nice, hot summer!

Chris said...

Wow..I need to start blogging more.

Anyway, there are people that ride their bicycles here regardless of the amount of snow on the ground. It would one thing on a mountain bike, but there's always that one idiot on a ten speed, battling his way through the 10 inch snowdrifts.

wigsf said...

A bike won't get you anywhere in 30" of snow. What you need is a Ski-Doo. Or a pack of dogs with sturdy backs.

Rock Chef said...

Chris - Yes, you do need to blog more! A 10 speed? Good luck to him!

wigsf - Or one of these http://www.ktrakcycle.com/

Kate said...

please take the snow - I'm tired of it! Ride safely

Terri said...

A lack of traffic is always nice, especially in your situation!

I think if you actually get all that snow, you won't have to worry about whether or not your bike will make it through. Everything will close down for the day and you'll be staying home!

Rock Chef said...

Kate - Will do - seems to be heading this way right now!

Terri - Depends if I am at home or at work when it comes down! :-)