Friday, 26 February 2010

Children can be so cruel...

So, the weekend approaches again!

Saturday sees my family scattered around - the girls are visiting my FIL, my eldest son is going out with friends, leaving me and my youngest on our own. I am looking forward to this. We don't get much time with just the two of us.

So my plan? We go to town to buy some last minute presents for Mrs RC, then head for home for the evening. Dinner will come from the local Chinese takeaway - my son loves chicken balls - and then we will play Wii until the others return.

I love Mario Kart, even though I totally suck at it. I don't think I have ever done better than 10th out of 12 cars, but it is the sort of game that I don't get mad with, I just laugh and crash some more!

But I decided that this Saturday will be different. I told my son that I won't let him go to bed until I have beaten him. Now I know my kids, they are all more than a little competitive with things like this. There is no way that he would deliberately allow me to win! And given my appalling ability with this game there is no way I will ever beat him! He looked at me in horror, clearly thinking that we will still be playing at sunrise the next morning.

So I smiled and said

"Never mind - maybe you will fall asleep - then I will beat you!"

His reply?

"I doubt it!"


agg79 said...

Don't let the little punk win. Wear him down. No mercy. Of course, you may have a long night ahead.

Shadowthorne said...

.... Mario cart.

Go and play the 'Burnout' series. Burning rubber and twisted metal would totally wreck an innocent child's soul.

Mwa ha ha ha! (evil laugh)

Kiki said...

I recently tried to play some racing game with my nephew on the Wii....needless to say he firmly beat me to a pulp! I am relegating myself to social media and I'll let him manage the video games, I realize they've passed me by.

TechnoBabe said...

Great fun for you and your son! Hope you get to sleep before sunrise.

terri said...

We've got Mario Kart too and the kids love it. I may have played once or twice and I totally suck at it too!

Might be fun to play it for hours on end like you're planning! Have a good time!

Shrinky said...

Feed him laxatives and remove the batteries from his console, it usually works.

Good luck!