Friday, 12 February 2010


Well yesterday I was snowed in - we had around 4 inches of snow in our garden (forgot to take photos - sorry), with blizzard conditions when I battled up to the field to feed Humphrey the Pony. He seemed happy enough, though!

In the afternoon there was a bit of a thaw, but then everything froze solid over night.

This morning saw the main roads OK, but I had a good walk at each end of my journey over ice-rink conditions. Nice... Stopping to feed Humphrey again was a nice diversion, though.

So, other than the snow things are plodding along OK here in Kent. Just about everyone in the house, except me, is now doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Mrs RC moves up to Stage 2 tomorrow, just as she was starting to cope OK with Stage 1. If you are looking for a great workout DVD that will really give you results, give this one a try! If you're not impressed I will personally refund your money! Yes, I am that confident!

Anyway, have great weekend - don't forget that Sunday is Valentine's Day! Show the one you love how much you love them. No, that doesn't mean that you should buy yourself a present!

Jeez, some people!

You want to do WHAT to them? Really? OK, so long as they agree to it first!

Have a great weekend...


Shadowthorne said...

Glad Humprey is having a good time in the cold weather.

I don't believe in exercise tapes / vcds / dvds etc. But I salute those determined men and women who would stick to the regime till the end :)

Rock Chef said...

Shadowthorne - Yes, Humphrey is a tough thing. When my mom lived in Scotland he hung around with a herd of Aberdeen Angus cows (long hair, big horns) and just snuggled up with them when it snowed, refusing to go into his stable!

agg79 said...
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agg79 said...

Take care on those icy trails and roads. You don't want to slip and bust your coccyx.

I'm sure Humphrey is one tough pony. With all that hair, I'm sure he is quite happy.

And thanks for the Valentine's Day reminder. With all of the commercials and ads for jewelry and gifts running over here, I almost forgot (not).

Have a warm weekend!

terri said...

So you DID get a bunch of snow. Enough to get snowed in anyway, huh? That ice sounds pretty treacherous.

Yes, Sunday is Valentine's day. And we will be spending it... at a volleyball tournament. How's that for romance? :-)

Rock Chef said...

agg79 - Always careful...

Terri - Well I guess you had your "quality time" looking at kitchen appliances!