Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Today really feels like Humpday!

Monday and Tuesday were insanely busy.

Last night Custard, my dog, had a "bad stomach" and kept me up most of the night - cleaning up his accident on the kitchen floor and taking him out to see if he wanted to do any more. A dog walk at 3am certainly wakes you up, that is for sure! I can't do sleep deprivation -thank God my baby days are over!

This morning we had our walk in the countryside with the new students. Nice warm weather, dry underfoot, it was great!

We found these guys who were coppicing the woods, using a couple of these stocky and powerful Ardennes Ponies to pull away the wood. So much better than a tractor!

Now I am passing the afternoon with a group of GIS students, just being here to make sure that they are OK. And they are very OK so I can write this before I finish sorting the photos from this morning.
Have a great Humpday!


terri said...

I had to look up coppicing. Don't think I've ever heard that term before. Maybe I'm sheltered.

Sorry to hear your slumber was interrupted. I'm sure Custard appreciated the 3 am walk.

Claire said...

Gee Terri - you could have posted the def - now I have to go look it up : )
Love the countryside views - they are wonderful - today is wonderful because I am on vacation until next Tues. !!!!

agg79 said...

Coppice - a small patch of trees or brush (I lost the deer when he bounded into the coppice). That's why I love the English language - So many words, so little time.

Hope Custard is doing better. Dogs certainly make life interesting at times...