Friday, 23 October 2009

Friday ramblings...

Another week over!

Another busy one too! All sorts of stuff going on!

Number One Son had some issues with a gang at school, but Mrs RC stirred things up and the ringleaders have now been thrown out of the school.

Number One Son has just found that he will have to move on to another school or college next year as the current school will not let him study science the way he wants to. He wants to do the 3 sciences as seperate A Levels, but the school has decided to only do a single combined science A Level. The hunt is now on to find the best place to do this and how to get in!

Mrs RC has been a bit ill the last few days. with a nasty chesty-throaty thing going on. Hopefully a weekend of rest and pampering will set her on the road to recovery.

My first assignment is almost finished. It is around 90% written, then I can polish it a bit ready for submission. It isn't due in for another month, but I want to move on to the next assignment - can't do 2 at once (my poor old brain can't take the strain) so it is all about time management for me!

I have now moved on to painting my next set of toy soldiers - American Civil War! I have had these soldiers for pushing 20 years, so it is time I finished them off. They are quite small (10mm tall, less than half an inch) so I am going to make each regiment into a small scene around 3 inches square with lines of troops, bodies, wounded heading for the rear, bits of fence and broken cart wheels, etc. Should look great.

Christmas is approaching fast! Think this will be a fairly restrained one present-wise. To be honest, no one seems to be able to think of anything that they really want and we don't want to spend silly amounts of cash on stuff just for the sake of it.

But Halloween is even closer. Looks like we will be having a bit of a party. The kids want to dress up so we are going to do some food and get in a few silly horror movies. Should be a blast.

Have a great weekend! Back with more RC garbage next week!

PS Just bumped into a guy who is looking for someone to play bass in a punk band. Showed him where the music department is, but gave him my number just in case he can't find a younger one. Might be a fun way to get back into the band thing! We will see!


terri said...

I think Mrs. RC is a force to be reckoned with! Good for her for taking care of that gang. I'm glad everything is ok again for your son.

And good luck with the school search! Sounds like #1 son is a very motivated kid!

Hope Mrs. RC is feeling better soon. Knowing you, she'll be well taken care of this weekend.

And did you really have to mention Christmas already??? ;-)

Rock Chef said...

Terri - Yes, I used the C-word!

agg79 said...

A force of nature to be reckoned with - momma protecting her cubs. I've known some Marines that wouldn't mess with that.

I would love to see some of your scenes when they are done. Do you stage a particular battle or is it just the soldiers/gear from the era?

Enjoy Halloween and don't worry about Christmas, yet. It will be here sooner than you think. Time to put up the lights!

Claire said...

I wish I had had Mrs. RC for a Mom! She rocks! I'm upset you mentioned Christmas too!!!!

James said...

The gang thing is worrying. luckily none of my kids seem to have attracted that sort of attention at school, despite being half Indian.
Good luck finding Arthur a new school. Big Son and Big Daughter both did/are doing separate sciences. Are there many near you?
Local authorities sometimes refuse to issue the requisite bus passes.

Marie said...

Sorry about your son's trouble with the gang. Good luck with sorting it out, and for finding a new school.