Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Back in a Microsoft Minute!

Currently installing software on PCs.

The progress line currently says "6 minutes remaining".

It has been saying that for the last 5 minutes.

Yesterday I had a machine that said "0 seconds remaining" for long enough for me to go down 3 flights of stairs, buy a drink and return...

A Microsoft Minute is clearly a very elastic measurement of time!


Youngest son had a great day yesterday. Weather stopped us having a real barbeque, so we cooked the food in the oven and ate indoors. It was still good. Having a real one at the weekend if the weather clears up.


Now I am hungry again.

Ate far too much last night - still too full in the morning to eat breakfast - now I am starving. Will go to lunch as soon as this installation finishes.

"5 minutes remaining".


wigsf said...

Generally, it's best to close other applications when installing software. It speeds up the process quite a bit. And there's probably something in the background slowing down your system or preventing the install program from running properly. Or maybe it's just a poorly written install program. They're incredibly complex little programs doing all kinds of stuff that the user never sees.

terri said...

I love computer stuff. Can't live without it, but it's bound to drive you to drink. Hope you'll be able to get some lunch soon!

Rock Chef said...

wigsf - the PC I was installing the stuff on was doing only that - I suspect a dodgy installer program, to be honest...

Terri - I think I just miss my old Mac days where you could install a program by merely dragging a folder of stuff into the desired location!

agg79 said...

Tell me about it.
Ever since we installed our new & improved system last week, my computer has gone on vacation (twice) without me. Nothing makes me crankier that having your laptop freeze up while it is compiling the program.

BTW - while my son was working for the Empire this summer in Redmond, I use to ask him if they had programmers out there just coming up with new applcations to slow down my pc.

Rock Chef said...

agg79 - Of course they are - why else would you want to buy a new PC every couple of years? I sometimes wonder what it would be like to install something like DOS 6 or Windows 98 on a new PC...