Monday, 18 May 2009

Exams over!

Have finished my second and last exam for the year. Didn't really enjoy it - my McBrain tried to make a reappearance but I think I fought it off enough to not fail...

Weekend was very good - my daughter had a great birthday - much fun was had with Cooking Mama on the Wii. Who would have thought it would be so hard to cut a burger bun in half?!!!

More soon.


Michele said...

Good to hear everything is going well, school is over for the time being, and daughter is happy.
What more could you ask for?

p.s. I want a Wii! I almost went out and bought one, but I was told my birthday is coming so not to. Hmmm....! Maybe I know what I am getting? Let me know more about that cooking game. Sounds fun!

terri said...

Exams are over! Party time! Excellent!

There is a cooking game available for the Wii? Fascinating. I have never seen it. Then again, I've not been able to find Mario Kart in stock anywhere either. Not that I'm trying all that hard.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Michele - The Wii is fantastic, although the boys have moved on to killing things on the XBox 360. Cooking Mama is very cartoonlike, taking you through the steps needed to make a huge variety of dishes - peeling things, chopping things, frying things without burning them, etc. You get scored on how well you do each stage. Great played 2 player against each other.

Terri - You must get MarioKart! That is so much fun, especially when you are as bad as me. It is an achievement for me to finish 11th out of the 12 racers!