Friday, 22 May 2009

Weekend again!

Wow, that was a short week!

We have another long weekend , so back on Tuesday!

Weather looks very good, so it will be barbeque time again! Yay! Must get some beers in for that!

Time to run now - off to collect the kids from school - Mrs RC gets back late tonight, so my spell as Mr Mom will be over. Can't wait to see her, I really missed her. Did that sound lame? I mean after all these years we should be looking forward to time apart shouldn't we? That is what they say in the magazines anyway! Everyone seems to think you can't possibly have a relationship like ours after nearly 24 years!

But you can!

We have!



Teresa said...

Okay, this might just be my favorite post from you EVER...your love for your wife is so refreshing and I just love to hear about it. You're right YOU CAN and YOU HAVE and that is AWESOME!!

terri said...

God, no. That doesn't sound lame at ALL! That's what most people want in life but in reality, very few have it. Hope your weekend is fantastic.

Marie said...

No, it doesn't sound lame. It's wonderful. Have a great weekend!

The Moody Minstrel said...

I think there are times when sounding lame is perfectly acceptable and even appropriate. I think this qualifies.

Enjoy your long weekend (knowing that I'm green with envy)!

Um Naief said...

i think it's wonderful.. and even more so that you share it!

jenelle said...

not lame at all. sounds amazing. congrats on 24 years and love as good as it gets. here's to 24 more.

sid said...

I hope that everyone is lucky enough to have a relationship like your and Mrs R.

Sitting In Silence said...

Awwwwwwwww that's just beautiful. I believe you can still be like that after 24 years.

Very lucky xoxo

Michele said...

OK, it may have just been menopause hormones, but I actually had a tear of joy in my eye from that post!
It is so awesome that there is still so much love in your relationship. A quarter of a century (almost!) is a long time. I am sure the two of you will have another 24 (or more) very happy, loving years.