Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Run-away mouth...

Yesterday morning, I was riding in to work when I saw a car emerging from a drive-way. Reflex told me that he was going to shoot out and try to get me, and sure enough, if I hadn't hit the brakes and lost a load of rubber he would have side-swiped me into a wall.

As he hit the accelerator I swore at him and wondered if I might catch up with him later on when the traffic gets congested.

Sure enough, a mile further on I passed him, stopping to read his number place and giving the driver the evil eye.

On I went, stopping off at a supermarket to grab some drink and snacks. Who stood right behind me at the checkout? You guessed it.

"Are you the cyclist who just came through Tyler Hill?"

"Yes, I am."

"I am so sorry, I just didn't see you."

I was about to say "Oh that's OK", when my mouth openned all by itself.

"Well that's the problem isn't it? No-one sees the cyclist do they?"

Then the woman on the checkout joined in.

"Look at the size of me! They say they can't see me either!"

The poor guy was then subjected to a joint rant by the woman and myself, including my favourite statement that "I assume that all drivers are out to get me, and this morning proved my point!"

At one point he said that he had heard what I called him, to which I said that if he thought that was bad he should think himself lucky that I was in a good mood today.

We eventually let him go, I told him I was OK, I am used to it and we wished each other a good day.

Poor guy.


Ali said...

Sometimes you just have to say what needs to be said :)
And maybe your little freak-out will remind him to be a little more observant the next time he's cruising along in his car.

Well done. I applaud you from Canada :)

Um Naief said...

i think it's great as well. good for the two of you to tell it like is is! and funny that he'd bring up that he heard what you called him. i wonder how many would have the guts to say it, and good for you for not making excuses when he said it. :)

i agree w/ ali. i think this is a reminder for him to be more careful, so hopefully he'll stop and think the next time. and good that you followed your gut!

Teresa said...

I like that! Too often we all say exactly what we DO NOT mean like "oh, that's okay..." when we certainly don't think it was okay! I like it that you thought quick on your feet and told him the truth but yet were able to part on good terms and wish eachother a good day. That's a lost art these days I tell you! You might have just saved somebody's life by doing that as I am sure he won't forget you anytime soon and when he sees another cyclist...he'll remember you and remember to look out!

Go Rock Chef!!

terri said...

That guy probably needed to hear you lay it on the line. Drivers need to remember that they are operating what can potentially be a deadly vehicle. They can't take that responsibility lightly. Sometimes you have to skip being nice and be honest.

And besides, if anyone ever hurt our Rock Chef, I'd organize a posse and we'd come over there to kick some ass!

Sitting in Silence said...

Good call CRC....xox

mr zig said...

hehe -awesome :)

sid said...

Hopefully this will teach him to be more careful next time.

kenady said...

At least he stopped to listen to your rant. I hope it left an impression on him to be more careful of cyclists when driving.

Good for you... Sometimes you just need to vent:)

tz said...

good for you...
he probably said what he did for absolution -- not for any sense of remorse (of course maybe he was remorsefull, but I'm going w/ if you thought he was you wouldn't have said what you did)...but really what he needed was a jolt of reality...maybe he'll think twice before driving like that again!