Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Results of my Shoe Research

OK, here are the results. I think they are quite amazing, in lots of ways!

Now that some of you have had a chance to draw your own conclusions, I will put in a few comments of my own...

For each question I have listed the answers with the number of people giving that answer.

1. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Not a lot/20 = 3
30 to 40 = 3
50 plus = 3
Too many to count = 2

I just find this mind-boggling! So many shoes! Where do you keep them? How do you keep track of them? Do you ever find that, somehow, you have 3 pairs the same?

2. How often do you buy new shoes?

Once a year = 1
Twice a year = 1
Every 2-3 months = 4
At least monthly = 4
Every chance I get = 2

Monthly shoe-shopping? Again, I find this a totally alien concept. In my house it is generally a case of twice a year or if desperate. This means that you lot are buying shoes more often than I buy guitar strings!

3. What prompts a visit to the shoe shop?

Replacing old/broken ones = 4
A good sale = 2
Need shoes to match a new outfit = 5
Impulse = 5
Going cold turkey, not buying shoes right now = 1

Half of you buy shoes on impulse? No wonder I have never seen a shoe shop go out of business!

4. Does your partner ever question the need for more shoes?

No = 7
Not if he doesn't know about it = 1
Yes = 2
Yes but I distract him = 1

Lots of comments here along the lines of "no sensible man would ever dare to question the need for more shoes".

At least most guys seem to do the sensible thing and just let you get on with it, and at least one of the questioners only seems half-hearted about it, allowing himself to get distracted. No indication of what form this distraction takes, but I can probably make a fair guess ;-)

5 . Given the opportunity, would you be the new Imelda Marcos?

No = 4
Yes = 3
I have been called this = 1
Who? = 2

An even split between Yes and No, really. And I thought this question would produce a chorus of "No"s! I think it was a couple of my younger readers who did not know who she was, bless them.

6. Shoes or sex?

Sex = 6
Shoes = 1
Sex while wearing shoes = 3
Depends on the shoes = 2

As I expected, sex won. I was not expecting the high "sex while wearing shoes" vote, or those who might actually find the shoes more interesting! If you were one of these, perhaps you should experiment with sex while wearing shoes? It might be the start of a whole new era in your love life! This is Dr Ruth signing off!

So, what do you think?


Jack and Jill said...

It makes me laugh that 3 people said "sex while wearing shoes" - awesome.

Um Naief said...

very interesting.

what do you think of the answers??

terri said...

I find it interesting that we women place so much important on our FEET! The part of the body that walks on the ground. Why do we pay so much attention?

Claire said...

I love that shoe storage you have!!! it is so funny!!!

Ali said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one for sex while wearing shoes ;)

And all this post has done is made me want more shoes! Yay!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Jack and Jill - Impressive,huh?

Um Naief - Glad you found it interesting. I have added my thoughts now.

Terri - Good point - are shoes more important than your hair or makeup?

Claire - Not my shoe storage, I stole the photo from a website. Thought it would appeal!

Ali - No, you were not alone in that thought. More shoes? Sorry Chris!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Argh, now the formatting has gone up the creek!

kenady said...

Great research!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Kenady - Thanks Do you think I could sell it? Maybe my sample isn't big enough to be representative...

tz said...

hahaha, shoes aren't my thing...but if you do a survey on handbags...well then I'd have lots of answers (though none involving sex)

this reminds me of a time when I got 'targeted' by someone w/ a shoe/foot fetish when I was in college (the first time)...and I was naive and stupid....and actually took my shoes off for him....then took my shoes back when he held them very close to his face with a very creepy expression.....then a couple days later overheard a couple people talking about the same guy and one said to the other "who would be stupid enough to take her shoes off for him"

hahahaha---me that's who.

Chief Rock Chef said...

tz - Just let me say that I am totally not a foot/shoe fetishist! I am just amazed by the number of shoes that some of you have!

Handbags? I know some have huge collections - my MIL certainly did!

Princess of the Universe said...

Damn- I've been so busy I missed this!!

Gaz said...

I often wondered why women have so many pairs of shoes,i have 5 pairs,2 pair of trainers(altinate them so they dont stink)a pair of work shoues and 2 pair going out shoesand they take a lot of space up,so god knows where they store them?

Um Naief said...

i love the comments you've made.

storage... you start piling up after a while.. or at least i do. that's why hubby says 'no' to any new shoes. :) plus.. at some point, you realize that you don't wear over half of them, so what's the point? i think it's an addiction...

it's definitely a hard habit to break!

Sitting in Silence said... post ever...

Of course I have NOOOOOOOOO idea why you would want to wear shoes while having sex...especially your super duper high heel new reds...ALI>>>>>where are ya girl...was that your idea?? LMAO..

Chief Rock Chef said...

Prioncess - Yes, I was hoping you would join in - I bet you would have had some great answers. Maybe you could send them to me anyway?

Gaz - That is about the number that I have, with a few more old things for walking the dog in.

Um Naief - Perhaps I should set up a "Shoe-aholics Anonymous" organisation?

Sitting in Silence - You are a total nut!