Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Yesterday a female colleague of mine saw a wonderful pair of shoes that she really, really wanted to buy, but did not NEED.

Today she somehow broke the shoes that she was wearing.

Guess what? She suddenly NEEDED a new pair of shoes!

She says it was Fate.

I think it was SABOTAGE!

What do YOU think?


Teresa said...



James said...

Laundry Fairy is hard on shoes.

terri said...

I say it was Divine intervention. God knew how much she wanted those shoes but she talked herself out of them because she didn't "need" them. He was just giving her permission to buy them without guilt.

Because He really doesn't have bigger things to worry about than shoes... right? :-)

Ali said...

I would say that her shoes breaking was totally out of her control...and you know...I think a couple pairs of MY shoes may be on their last legs too, so to speak :)

mr zig said...

Hm... whatever it was I might just had to do that when I want a new guitar - ooh no! the string broke! must buy a new guitar! hehe

Kiki said...

Just like a man to think that she had control over her shoe...silly man!!! We girls need our special shoes, how else to get through our hectic days unless adorned with lovely shoes with which to glide through the day???

Chief Rock Chef said...

Teresa - Genious? I hadn't thought of that option - you are clearly right!

James - But do they really wear out or does she just declare that she needs new ones?

Terri - Divine Intervention? Of course! Didn't Jesus say "Put on these shoes and walk"? Something like that anyway... ;-)

Ali - Yeah, right!

Zig - Now that is REAL GENIOUS! I must try that soon. Trouble is I never break strings!

Kiki - You are so good - your customers don't have a chance!

sid said...

I think that a woman should never ignore the impulse to purchase shoes. It will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Sid - Never? Just how many pairs of shoes does a woman need? I think I am going to have to develop this discussion some more!

Um Naief said...

hmmm... funny how these things happen! and you know... it would have been big fate if they were on sale! ;)

how many pairs does she have?? i'd be interested to know this.

Sitting in Silence said...

Fate of course LMAO