Monday, 13 October 2008


One of my favourite blog writers has recently had a problem with a parent, so I thought I would share the latest installment of my problems with my dad.

He can't seem to cope with having space in his garden, which is a shame as it is quite big!

He gave my wife and I a section to use as a vegetable plot.

He had us put a shed on part of it - remember X-treme Shed Building?

He had us get another, bigger, shed put in too.

The next thing I know, he has asked my younger brother to order him a 10 foot long greenhouse. It has been ordered, can we assemble it when it arrives?

It arrives. Looking at the mass of metal and plastic we say that it will need a base to stand on - paving slabs and sand will be needed - younger brother has a truck, he should be able to get it.

Then my older brother chips in - don't use paving slab, use CONCRETE!

At this point I declare that if it is to be concrete, my older brother can do it - NOT ME!

Now, this is all very chaotic. And the worst part? My younger brother had it all under control in the first place - HE has already ordered the paving slabs! If I had gone and got some more, we would have had a massive pile of them!

Why the chaos?

My dad has, apparently, asked ALL THREE OF US to put up his BL%%&$ greenhouse! If my mom hadn't been going between us all I am sure that one of us would have turned up with a ton of slabs or concrete only to find the job done already!

Parents, eh?


Um Naief said...

well, i think it's pretty impressive that you guys are gonna put a greenhouse together! what an undertaking, and a good one, at that. i'd love to have one... is your dad a big gardener?? your mom?

i'd think concrete would do better as well.. why do you guys think slabs would work better? just easier? do they give the same foundation as concrete?

i think your family sound very normal... no arguing, no shouting. how cool is that! ;) me and my sister would have probably gotten into an argument over it, but... maybe not. :)

terri said...

Well, that sounds frustrating... and also very much like the antics that go on around here too! I'm glad you figured everything out before you were overloaded with concrete and pavers!

It's good to know that others experience similar frustrations with their parents.

tz said...

oh my!
I was actually wondering the other day..when did the tables turn? went from my parents know everything, to I know everything and they know nothing, to they know some and I know very me still knowing very little and now they think I know everything

full circle, ey.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Um Naief - My dad is not a big gardener - my wife and my mom are, but neither are very interested in a greenhouse. My dad just wants one, and will probably never use it. Concrete might well be better (slabs are easy to do and mobile when he decides it should be somewhere else) but I would leave that to my older brother who is a builder! We don't shout in our fammily - I think we all had enough of that when my mom and dad were married!

Terri - Yes, it is good to know that we are not alone in our problems!

TZ - What a fantastic summary! I guess this is a natural cycle, one day we will be doing this to our kids!

jenelle said...

Definitely full circle. Glad that the over help situation was discovered before it was too late.

Take a deep breath and bless your dad with your time and efforts. Enjoy every minute you have them. Wish mine was still around annoying me.

Um Naief said...

how old is your dad? sounds like he needs a hobby.

slabs obviously are the best choice then. i can now see your frustration... so i hope it all works out.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Jenelle - A very good point. I do try to take it all in my stride, but sometimes...

Um Naief - He does need a hobby but cannot stick with anything for very long. Oh well.

James said...

I have made bases for a couple of small sheds in the past, one with slabs and the other with shuttering and concrete. Either works OK as long as it is done properly.
My latest garden project for a 20x10 workshop though has proved beyond my ken.
My brother has taken over and done a pro job, a proper stepped foundation with walls of blocks and bricks! And that is before we put in the 3 tons of concrete...I will try to put up a photo tomorrow.

Chief Rock Chef said...

James - Thanks - you just proved my point that concrete should be left to big brother! Looking forward to pics of your workshop in progress!

Teresa said...

I have been thinking the same thing lately about my Mom. It's like she doesn't even hear anyone else talking anymore...she just talks loud and keeps right on going right overtop of you and then proceeds to ask you the very question that you WERE TRYING TO ANSWER in the first place! LOL!! Full circle I tell you...FULL CIRCLE!

I like Jenelle's prospective and it's a good one. I remember once you wrote about how much you missed Sophie and how you even missed her (I can't remember exactly how you worded forgive me...)tantrums or stubborness (can't remember)and just hearing that literally changed the way I looked at my Kenzie and her naughty fits. Now, I embrace all of her...even the tantrums (we still discipline-don't get me wrong!) b/c that is her and I love ALL of her. I think of you saying that probably every other day!

I guess my point in saying all of that is I bet after your Father is'll all sit around and get a good laugh at his antics and probably give anything to have them back again. :)

Sitting in Silence said...

LOL....Now that is a full circle that's for sure !