Thursday, 30 October 2008

The 6 strange things meme...

Teresa tagged me for this meme. I don't intend to tag anyone else, so I won't waste space with the rules - HAH! I am such a rebel!

Basically I have to tell you 6 strange things about myself that I haven't said before. Could be a tough one! We will see.

1. Although generally shy and retiring, when I was in bands (many years ago) I was rather different when playing in front of an audience. My favourite stage wear was stripped to the waist, jeans and a red and black woolly hat with a large bobble on the top. No photos exist, thankfully!

2. When I was young I never wanted to have children.

3. When I was young I was an incredibly fussy eater - discovering Chinese food changed all that. Now I will try just about anything once.

4. I read while walking down the road, glancing up so I don't crash into things and people or get run over.

5. We were once planning to move to the Shetland Isles - those little islands off the top of Scotland. The only thing that stopped us was being given a permanent contract in my current job!

6. Some people think I am crazy, but this is not true. The best psychiatrists in the area tried to work that out when I was a teenager and decided I wasn't! Hah, so there!

Did it! Time to do a bit of shopping on my way home now!



Teresa said...

Thanks for participating.

I so wish there was a photo of you from your 'band days'!!

I cannot imagine you not wanting children!

I don't think I'm coordinated enough to read while walking down the road! It would end badly.

Um Naief said...

hmmmm, most interesting indeed! ;)

you read while you walk???! down busy roads?! i think i'd be too paranoid. :)

and the band days... i'd bet there are pics out there, somewhere.

i didn't want to have children either... matter of fact, was against it until a few yrs back. when i was a little girl, i wanted 3.

crazy?? my therapists have told me that i'm not, but i don't believe them. :)

Claire said...

Your answers don't seem that crazy to me - maybe it's my own lifestyle - I'm always reading in the halls as I walk around at work - and I get into trouble for that!

Claire said...

Forgot to ask you if you had snow today? Heard a report that London had one of the earliest snowfalls ever!

terri said...

Maybe you could re-enact your band days on video! Wouldn't that be fun???

I can't read while walking. I'm so worried I'll trip over something that I can't focus on the words. I saw someone reading while DRIVING once!

Ali thinks your crazy? This from the girl who titled her latest post, "Sex, Sex, Sex?"

Sitting in Silence said...

I love these tags...

For what it's woth, I read while walking as well....

Chief Rock Chef said...

Teresa - Thanks for tagging me! Walking and reading takes years of practice.

Um Naief - You don't believe your therapists? They are a bunch of liars who just want to keep you coming to see them! ;-)

Claire - No snow here yet - Kent sticks out of the bottom corner towards France and we often miss the weather that the rest of the country gets.

Terri - Reading while driving? That is bad. You want me to strip to the waist on video? Terri!!!!

Sitting in Silence - You do? Excellent! Do you ever walk into things?