Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Had a great 4 day weekend!

To be honest, I am not sure why we have this one (not that I am complaining!), but I did watch a fair bit of stuff on FoxNews and found out why it is special in the USA.  There was one interview which really struck home - a guy who had lost a leg to a bomb and was now dedicating his life to looking after those who are left behind.  This guy spoke with such passion, straight from the heart - you couldn't not be moved.  What he said meant far more to me than any amount of speeches by officers, generals, etc.  When a guy goes out and puts his life on the line for his country it is the country's duty to see that those he leaves behind are cared for.  Hope people were listening to him.  Hah, I can't really say much more here - read some of Karie's posts if you want more on what it is like for those who are left to pick up the pieces.

OK, back to normal programming!

The weekend was long and lazy.  Number One Son had a great time in London, getting there and back without incident.

It was far too windy for a barbeque - going to have to really go for it when the wind does drop, I am getting withdrawl symptoms!

Most of my time was spent watching TV and painting toy soldiers - I have nearly finished a set of armies for the eastern mediterranean at around 60BC.  Obscure but very interesting - plus you get to call the Judeans "splitters"!  You will get this if you have seen Life of Brian...

So back to it again now!  Trying to catch up on your blogs - if I haven't visited yet I will do soon!


Kris said...

I'm glad you had a long lazy and fabulous weekend!

ps I have a giveaway! :o)

Anonymous said...

Those famiies of fallen service men (all over the world) have a lot to deal with. I live in a highly military area and we realy have a lot of programs (and people) in this category around here.

terri said...

Wish I had seen that interview on Fox. Sometimes we need reminders like that to remember it's not just an extra day off work for the sake of our own leisure.

Glad you were able to relax and enjoy the weekend. Hope you are able to barbecue soon!

agg79 said...

As an old Army officer, those stories hit close to home. I've got a definite soft spot for those stories and tend to watch them a bit more closely. I've known a number of friends who served in the military and the sacrifice they've made is beyond anything I can compare. I will always have strong feelings for the men and women who put themselves on the line for me. It is good to remember the reason for the holiday.

Glad to hear the weekend turned out well. Sort of a precursor to the summer.

TechnoBabe said...

Don't take any "news" on Fox News as truth. Ever.

I hear you about the withdrawals. It has been storms and near tornadoes here most days but today is supposed to be calm. Hooray. The wind throws the gas barbecue around on the porch.

Rock Chef said...

Kris - Cheers!

Ignorethe... - Good to hear it. There is a lot of looking after to be done!

Terri - It was a good reminder! Thanks, I will be grilling at the earliest opportunity...

Agg79 - So true - I for one don't think I would cut it as a soldier.

TechnoBabe - We watch a wide range of news channels - Fox is great for representing a certain point of view. My favourite thing about them is that they talk about Neo-Classical Economic Theory as though it is a proven fact. "Just let the market do its stuff and everything will be fine." I thought that is what put us where we are at the moment!