Thursday, 5 May 2011

Being heard

Today the UK is voting.

Where I live we are voting for 2 things:

Local council elections.  Our local government has been in the same hands for a long time.  I am voting for a guy who lives around the corner - a big guy who used to play rugby, and still coaches at local schools.  I want to see what sort of a stir he causes in the council chambers.

Whether to use a different voting system for our main elections.  This is the issue that the Liberal-Democrat party sold its soul for, backtracking on many election promises to get it.  The old system isn't the best, but the proposed system doesn't seem to be a big improvement so I am voting for no change.

Other stuff?

The big change has been my dad.  We recently started cooking his main meal each day - it started with pizzas at weekends and then spread to all week.  We have been feeding him lasagna, curry, macaroni-cheese, fish and chips, chicken casserole, etc, all in huge portions. He has been eating it all.  And he has been feeling a lot better for it too!  He has reclaimed his garden, trimmed a huge hedge to within an inch of its life and has now started joining us on evening dog walks!  This being someone who not long ago was having trouble getting up and down stairs!  Good stuff!

Revision for exams (which are next week and the week after) is difficult - work is busy and buy the time things are settled at home I am too tired to really concentrate.  Having to rely on short bursts here and there.  Hope some is sinking in!


James ® said...

My daughter died... in 2009, at 37. I didn't know about it until last fall, because we had stopped talking in 2007 when I spoke up about her son's clearly violent behavior. She had brain cancer. Long story. It's like I had already grieved for her, you know? Good job with your dad, I bet he really appreciates it.

terri said...

The note about your dad is what spoke to me most too. It is so good that he has you and your family to help him out. I'm happy for you that he has become stronger and healthier because of your help. You are a good son.

I have a feeling you'll do well on your exams in spite of the fact that it's hard to find time to really study.

TechnoBabe said...

What has brought about the change in your dad? Does he live with you and Mrs RC and your kids? Whatever has happened, it does sound like a move in a healthy direction. It sounds like you are sighing a huge sigh of relief.

agg79 said...

It is fantastic that you are taking care of your dad. I think speaks volumes on how we treat our parents when they get older. I applaud you in taking care of your dad.

And voting is one of those necessary evils. We all have to do it to keep the system running but sometimes I wonder about the results. Lately, I am more of a mind to vote out everyone who has been there more than 1-2 terms. Sometimes, it is good to purge the body.

Rock Chef said...

James - That is really sad - I count myself lucky to have been close to my daughter right to the end. Yes, I understand the grieving part too, although I don't think you ever truly finish with it.

Terri - Thanks, I try my best. And thanks for the confidence in my exam ability - I will let you know if it is well placed...

TechnoBabe - My dad lives just around the corner. The last year has been really tough for all of us, especially him, and he reached a real low point. He is on his way back up again now, though. Food is half of the battle with guys, as I always say!

Agg79 - Thanks - I think it goes to the basic "treat others as you would be treated yourself" ethos. Purge? I hear that Stalin was keen on those :-) But I think you are right!