Monday, 23 May 2011

Great minds...

At lunchtime I was walking along a side street in Canterbury.

It is one of those streets that is closed to normal traffic during the middle of the day, and you only see pedestrians and delivery trucks.

One of these delivery trucks was trying to get along the narrow road but could not because a sports car was parked right in the way outside a wine bar.

The driver sounded his horn - VERY LOUD in the narrow street.

A guy, looking remarkably like Robert Wagner in Hart to Hart, stormed out of the wine bar and said something to the driver.

The driver said something back.

Robert then jumped into the sports car, started the engine and then shot off down the road, tyres screaming in protest.

Of course, this being Canterbury, he had to stop after 100 yards or so because he reached a junction...

I watched him go, along with everyone else in the street, and then turned to continue my stroll but caught the eye of a woman in front of me.

We both rolled our eyes and in unison said:

"What a D%$K!"


terri said...

Hahaha! You've gotta love when you find a like-minded stranger in a situation like that! I don't know what it is about cars that makes some people so arrogant and self-righteous, but I'm glad the delivery truck driver put Robert in his place. Serves him right!

agg79 said...

Completely appropriate and accurate description. People like that seem to live in their own little world where we are not as important. I know it is bad, but sometimes, I secretly hope they get a ticket or have an accident.