Thursday, 12 May 2011

Exam number 1...

...was at 1 o'clock today.

I thought I had revised as much as was possible without causing brain overload.  Came to work and did a few of those therapeutic jobs that don't need too much brain power.

Headed off to lunch early, hoping for some time to sit and have one final run through my notes, but ended up buying dog food instead.

Wandered over to the exam hall and joined my co-students, all in varying states of mind, ranging from quiet confidence to resignation to about to cry.

Into the hall, finding my seat and waiting for the kick off.

3 essays in 2 hours...

Turned over the paper.


These were NOT the questions I had revised for!

OK, have a slug from the Coke bottle and look again.

OK, these were NOT the questions I had revised for, but with a bit of mental adjustment I could have a fair stab at that one.

Oh, and that one isn't too bad either.

I will worry about the third essay once I have nailed these two!

Nailed the first two, (can't actually remember what one of them was about now, which is slightly worrying!)  over running on time a little, but still have 30 minutes to do the last one.  OK, I will spend that time saying how nasty the Germans are and how nice the Canadians are.  That should do it!

Apologies to any Germans out there, I like you really - some of my best friends are Germans...

Sorted!  Thank you for the good wishes - I could feel the positive thoughts as I wrote  :-)

Time to relax the brain a bit!  My daughter is having a party and sleepover on Saturday, then I have my day out on Sunday, complete with a nice train journey which is great for revision, ready for the next (and last) exam on Tuesday!

Wish me luck for that one too!


Shrinky said...

Oh Gawwwwwd, isn't that sod's law? Exams like these are hard enough, AND you have a job to hold down whilst studying.. tough roll on the papers given, yet I feel a quiet confidence from your corner (smile).

I'll be sending positive thoughts your way for tomorrow ((x))!

TechnoBabe said...

You are doing a heck of a job using your brain for so many things at once. Of course we wish you luck for the final exam.

terri said...

This post looks familiar! Must be a repost of one of those that Blogger deleted a few days ago!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - yes it is! Well spotted!