Monday, 17 August 2009

What I did on my holiday...

Well, what I great 2 weeks I have had! Not sure I will remember everything, but here is a taste of what has been going on.


The weather leading up to our little camping trip was rather unsettled, but it was fantastic the whole time - and since we got back, to be honest! It is as though the summer was waiting for me to clock off! The campsite and surrounding area was just as great as we remembered it from last year, only better because we didn't have the wind and rain to worry about this time.

Early morning strolls in the orchards, walks in the woods, finding huge country homes hidden in the middle of nowhere (one apparently home to Virginia Wade, the English tennis legend!), games with the kids (badminton, volleyball-dodgeball-rugby (we got a bit carried away), Monopoly, Chinese Checkers), barbeques with the most amazing steaks I have ever had, late night card games for cookies... what more could you want from a holiday?

My Birthday

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

This was a great day - presents from the kids (I have still got to order the toy soldiers that my wife is gettting me), watching a few movies with the family with everyone fetching beer/food/etc for me. Simple pleasures for a simple guy.

Soldier Painting

Totally chilling has also been good for my soldier painting. I have been steadily getting through by latest project (I posted photos of some Winged Hussars a while back) and each one I paint seems to look better than the last one. I am especially proud of the Swedish King and his cronies - photos to follow!


Not sure how it is happening, but we aren't bankrupt yet! The middle of August is traditionally a time of dreadful bank balances for us - and most others, I suspect!

Napalm Sausages

On our return from camping, we decided to have another barbeque while the sun was still shining. The menu included some sausages. We had barbequed them before, and they had been fine. This time they were different.

As they started to cook the fat started to drop.

Then pour.

And then squirt, yes SQUIRT out of them.

I had 3 foot flames shooting up in the air, threatening to ignite my rather dry eucalyptus tree and our equally dry bamboo! Had you been listening, I am sure that some of you would have learnt a few new words on that day!

NOT past my sell-by date afterall!

I guess the final thing to tell you about is that on Friday I received a letter saying that I am a possible match for someone who needs a bone marrow transplant. I have to go to London on Wednesday for more tests to see if I am a good tissue type match for this person.

Funny, I signed up for this years ago when I started giving blood and at the time the age limit was 40. I thought I was well past my sell-by date for this, but it seems that they changed the rules on me and the limit is now 65!

I hope that I am a match for this person - watch this space for updates!

Catching up

Looks like I have got a lot of catching up to do with my blog reading! See you soon!


terri said...

The camping trip sounds wonderfully relaxing and fun. Makes me almost want to give "roughing it" a try!

You were missed! So glad you're back.

Kiki said...

I have never camped...outside. I'm intimidated and scared of nature in general....I'm such a city girl, but it does sound like you had a good time!!!

Glad you had a good time and that you're back, safe and sound!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - You might be surprised at how much fun it is! Missed you too.

Kiki - Well I guess American nature can be a lot more threatening than ours can - we don't have bears, snakes, crocs, etc to worry about... We don't get anything much more threatening than a fox going through the trash!

agg79 said...

Sounds like a great two weeks. I tend to prefer those kinds of trips/vacations over the hotels and restaurants. Lot simpler, more enjoyable.

I am impressed that you are signed up as a donor for bone marrow. I've been donating blood for many years (20) and even did the white cell donation for a neighbor/friend with Lukemia. Unfortuneatly, I am now on the permanent ban list now since I had the audacity to live in one of the countries/locations that is restricted (Germany).

Good luck with the testing and hope your blood is not too old.

Rock Chef said...

agg79 - you got banned for living in Germany? How odd! We only get banned if we have lived in a place that has malaria!

Marie said...

Sounds like you had fun. I love the countryside, but I must admit I'm not into camping. I'm terrified of all the spiders and other creepy-crawlies!

mr zig said...

I wanna go camping... sounds like u had a great time! :)

Sitting In Silence said...

Welcome back, sounds like you had a ball, nothing like a bit of R and R to re charge your batteries...