Sunday, 10 March 2013

A boy and his toys, continued

So, as part of Mothers Day, I made pasta for dinner.

The machine, flour and eggs - all you need!

The dough.

You run the dough through rollers in the machine several times, with the rollers closer together each time

By the time I finish the table is covered with thin sheets of pasta.

With a chicken in the oven and the pasta rolled (I find it is good to let it dry slightly before cutting it into tagliatelle) I took the dogs for a walk.  The weather was horrible today - we got caught in rain/snow/hail. Mrs RC was settled on the sofa watching True Blood DVDs with Cherry Coke and chocolate at hand.  I think she got a good deal there, don't you?

Back in the kitchen and slicing the pasta into strips.

The finished product in cheese sauce, with chicken, garlic bread and pesto on the side.  Mrs RC supplied the basil garnish at the last moment.  Mmmmm, good stuff.  Now all I have to do is tackle the washing up!


ShadowRun300 said...

That is my idea of a great Mother's Day - couch, a t.v., some treats, hubby battling the weather with the dogs, and a favorite meal. I'm guessing she was feeling quite appreciated for being a terrific mother (and wife).
Your pasta looks incredible! No wonder you won't go back to the boxed stuff! I imagine it's a bit of a mess to clean up, but some things are just worth it.

Rock Chef said...

SR300 - only a bit of flour on the table, not much mess compared with some cooking..

Riot Kitty said...

I feel like a chump rolling it out by hand and slicing with a pizza cutter! Machines don't seem to work for me. But yum! You can come to my house anytime!

agg79 said...

Wow, man. You've really set the bar high for the rest of us. Excellent meal, dogs taken care of, momma's happy. Great job. I hope that Mrs RC enjoyed her Mother's Day - well earned.

I really like how you have mastered the pasta maker. You make it look easy. Great recipe. I am planning to work up a chicken farfalle this week - just now with the fresh pasta like yours.

terri said...

Sounds like a great Mothers Day for Mrs. RC. A nice relaxing day of watching her favorite show, and a delicious home made meal. AND... she didn't have to take the dogs out walking in the nasty weather. You did good!

White Elephant said...

Fantastic mother's day, thank you RC.Pasta was delicious. I can't believe I stayed put on the sofa all afternoon and didn't feel a twinge of guilt.

Rock Chef said...

Riot Kitty - If your method works then stick with it!

Agg79 - let us know how it comes out!

Terri - Yep, I think I did :-)

White Elephant - I was amazed you stayed there too, but I am so glad you did.

Shrinky said...

I've got me one of those machines, but um, it's acrophobic, doesn't like to come out of the cupboard that much(blush)..

Aww, what a talented and clever guy you are, that's a meal truly fit for a king (or queen) - yum! Sounds like you and Mrs RC had just about the perfect weekend, overall!

lotta joy said...

It's always best to let them air dry or they clump together when boiling. I did a post doing the very same thing, but by hand. And it will be a hot day in Alaska before I do another post about doing it again. lol