Thursday, 22 November 2012

Who do you look like?

I have, against my better judgement, been posting a fair number of photos of myself recently, and these have drawn a number of comments.  Two in particular told me that I had a resemblance to famous people.
Now my wife has, from time to time, compared me with Roger Daltry, the singer from The Who:
Wigsf3 went a stage further and said that I look like the love child of Roger and Eric Idle:

Not sure how that is supposed to happen but I guess anything is possible with modern science!
And how could I complain about being compared with such giants of rock and comedy?  Maybe I should try singing more often to see which one I sound like?  Maybe I should sing the words of "We won't get fooled again" to the tune of "Always look on the bright side of life"?
Terri also found me a lookalike - Judd Hirsch:

Not an actor who I could have named, to be honest, but certainly someone who seems to have been on TV as long as I can remember!  And he really does look like me!  I want a paternity test!  That guy must be worth a fortune by now!
My wife sometimes says I look like Gene Wilder:

Another genius of comedy - is there a message here that I don't look like someone who should be taken seriously?  I can live with that!  Being takes seriously has all sorts of bad side effects anyway!
Finally, my wife has also been known to compare my hair with this guy's hair:

When she does that, I know it won't be long before I am sitting in the kitchen having a hair cut.
Wigsf 's comment reminded me of the best compliment I have ever had - being told that I looked like Aragorn:
Total rubbish, but I can take it  :-)
OK, your turn now!


wigsf3 said...

People have told me I look like Al Pacino. I disagree but take the compliment.

Rock Chef said...

Wigsf - I can see that - which prompts an update!

lotta joy said...

I'VE GOT IT!!!! If Judd Hirsch and Gene Wilder had a baby, it would be YOU!!!

Your parentage would be frontline news and you'd have quite a following of young girls screaming your name.

I assume you play the guitar? Just pop a well worn cowboy hat on your head, drop your chin and walk with a swagger. You'll be rolling in British money at a 50% tax rate.... so maybe you won't be ROLLING in money, but able to take a good nap on it.

Rock Chef said...

Lotta Joy - Cowboy hat, eh? I might just try that! :-)

agg79 said...

I think Lotta Joy's pegged it - Judd Hirsch and Gene Wilder. I do agree with your wife about your Gene Wilder hair but I always thought you had more of a Tom Baker style. You could have been a shoe in as the Doctor.

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - Ah, Tom Baker was the best Dr Who, IMO. Also a great Rasputin!

meleah rebeccah said...

OMG! I agree with Terri. You really DO look like Judd Hirsch!

Also, I've been told I look like Leah Remini from the TV show King of Queens.

ShadowRun300 said...

I'd have to agree with Terri and Meleah... you favor Judd Hirsch, but with Roger Daltry's hair.
You have the right personality as well - funny, creative, musically inclined - all the best traits!
I look like ME. :/

wigsf3 said...

You don't look Jewish enough to be a Hirsch-Wilder.

Abby said...

Perceptive Terri! I hadn't thought of Judd Hirsch, but you hafta admit! Gene Wilder a close second. You don't run a shop of Oompah Loompahs do you?

And thank you for the Thanksgiving photo. I'm thankful for Aragorn.

Rock Chef said...

Meleah - Yes, I can see that too!

ShadowRun300 - I am sure we can find a good look alike for you!

Wigsf - I am only a quarter Jewish, but that part does like to take centre stage...

Abby - No Oompah Loompahs, but when the kids were small it sometimes felt like it!

tz said...

I wonder if you can photo shop hirsch and wilder together and see what the computer comes up with and compare :D

and if your wife is comparing you to Einstein for hair reasons, maybe you might invest in some better conditioner.

Riot Kitty said...

I apparently don't have any celebrity doppelgangers, but Mr. RK says if I were a Peanuts character, personality-wise, I am Snoopy.

terri said...

I've never been compared to a celebrity, so I guess I don't look like anyone famous.

Someone once told my mom that she had Bette Davis eyes. Apparently I didn't inherit those eyes either.

Your wife might be onto something with Roger Daltry!

Rock Chef said...

TZ - Me and conditioner have a strange relationship :-(

RK - Snoopy? Could be worse. Better than Garfield!

Terri - She's got Betty Davis eyes! Gonna be singing that all day now!

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