Wednesday, 10 October 2012


TIme is flying past - sorry to slack again!

Saturday was my younger son's 14th birthday.


How did that happen?

Number One Son is settled at Uni and has started classes now, and is handing in his first peice of work today.  No messing around there, by the look of it!

I still seem to be playing catchup on sleep, although I must confess to devoting an hour each evening to reorganising some of my toy soldiers for a game soon.  I am taking over the dining table for a day and having a couple of friends over for a recreation of the Battle of Stoke in 1487 - Henry VII and his Royal army fighting off a mixed bunch of Rebel English, Irish and European mercenaries.  Should be a blast, watch out for photos!

That is about it for the moment - have a great Wednesday!

PS  A question for those in the know - I am about to look at hotels to stay in during my trip next year.  I don't want anything too fancy,but I do want something that I can be fairly sure that there won't be a drug deal going down in the next room.  Are there any chains that I can be confident in using?  Want to keep things as easy as possible.


wReggie said...

Are you talking about your US trip?

agg79 said...

Happy Birthday to your son! 14 years? My how time flies.

I've got a few miles under my belt for traveling and can give you a few hotels I would recommend but it depends on where you are going and what is your pain threshold (price range). A few of the ones I will typically stay at are: Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, or Best Western. Not very expensive but I try to look for one that is not too "divey" and includes breakfast, WiFi, etc. I am an avid user of as a good, unfiltered source for hotels and/or restaurants. They usually have realistic, unvarnished reviews on hotels that is pretty accurate.

wigsf3 said...

Mitchell and Webb funny. Most on the west side of the pond have never heard of them though.

I like to stay in Doubletree hotels. It's a less expensive chain owned by Hilton. Also at check in they give you their signature cookie. Chocolate walnut. Told them I was allergic to chocolate and walnuts (both true) and they gave me a free drink voucher for hotel bar. Drink at bar costed like 7 bucks or so. So... Seven dollar cookie. Do the math. Who got better end if that deal?

Also Hampton Inn can be kinda nice. Depending on location. Free breakfast buffet.

Rock Chef said...

wReggie - yes.

Agg79 - thanks for the pointers. Holiday Inn - is it owned by Bing? :-)

Wigsf3 - Hm, I think I would have to see the cookie before making a judgement like that. Thanks for the pointers!

wReggie said...

Comfort Suites, Hampton Inn, Wingate Inns, Doubletree is nicer with better sheets and rooms but it costs more, almost any Marriott property...they have all price points, Holiday Inn Express. I usually pick a hotel and then google map it to see what is nearby for dinner and drinks. I hit the mother load once in Indianapolis...found a new low cost hotel and beside it was a Ruby Tuesdays for Supper and on the other side was a Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

Rock Chef said...

wReggie - Thanks for that - I will see what I can do.

Abby said...

Happy 14th birthday! Deep in teen years now.
My oldest pulled an all-nighter his first week of college. Not that the work is that demanding, he's just disorganized *eyes rolling here*.
We usually stay at Hampton Inns, as others have mentioned. Haven't had any bad experiences.

Riot Kitty said...

Where does the time go? My little brother is 16, and I remember when he was still unable to pronounce consonants.

ShadowRun300 said...

How exciting to be looking into hotels already! Must be so fun to be planning the trip.
I work at a hotel, as you know. It's a great chain, lotsa freebies including hot breakfast, hot appetizers and cocktails at night, and free WiFi - and the friendliest staff! :) But we're still family owned and aren't too widespread as of yet. Not sure of all your destinations, but I'd be happy to check if we have a property at any of your stops.
Having worked for Hilton at one point, I know the Hampton Inns are great hotels. Free breakfast, reasonable rates, and lots of locations.

terri said...

Happy birthday to Younger Son!

Sounds like Older Son is settling in well.

Looking forward to photos of the upcoming battle!

Shammickite said...

whwre in USA? Not coming to Canada? Pity.