Friday, 26 October 2012

The Pack and the Weather

Prompted by Terri's post about her dogs and how they react to the rain, I thought I would do an update on my hounds.
Meet Custard.
Custard is the perfect family dog, he loves everyone but is also a great guard dog.  Yes, he actually sounds very ferocious when someone is at the door, once he has put down his toy rabbit.  He does not seem to notice the weather - rain, snow, wind, it is all the same to him.  The only thing that gets to him is heat which is now in short supply.
Meet Frou Frou.
See the Birthday badge on her harness?
She is the baby, just turned 2, and has just started to notice that the weather is changing for the worse - she like sleeping in the sun on hot days.  Each day the dogs get 5 walks.  2 of these are long ones over the fields, the other 3 are quick ones around the block for pees, the rabbits having taken over the garden.  Frou has decided that the short ones are good, but sees the longer ones as purely optional - if the weather is nasty she hides in our daughter's room until we have left with the others.
Meet Bryn.

She is my uncle's dog, and is now living with us for various reasons that I won't go into.  She used to be a tough nut who, like Custard, did not seem to notice the weather.  However, she seems to be learning from Frou Frou, and is becoming very reluctant to go out in bad weather, but stops short of hiding or refusing to go - at the moment, anyway...
The new pecking order has now been established.  A few days ago, Bryn decided that she had to put Frou Frou in her place - minimum force was exerted, but finding Bryn's mouth around her neck seemed to be enough for Frou.  Last night they were playing together like old buddies, which was great to see - Bryn was starting to seem very old a while back (she is 9), but seems much better now.  There is one down side to this, though - she has rediscovered the joys of fox poop...
Have a great weekend, everyone!


agg79 said...

Wow. Quite a menagerie you have there. Was wondering how yours did in the rain. I will have to follow suit and post my own fair weather dog story WHENEVER I GET MY INTERNET BACK. Love how old Bryn has settled the pecking order.

ShadowRun300 said...

Good for Bryn to put baby Frou Frou in her place. Just like with kids, each one has their own personality - sometimes frustrating, sometimes very sweet!
I guess our dog is quite spoiled. There's usually someone here to let her out whenever she desires, so she's never forced to go out in the rain.

terri said...

Bryn sure is a pretty one, isn't she? Such an adorable pack of dogs you've got!

FIVE walks a day! Wow! I'm the only one who walks the dogs in our house, but the walks are off limits while Lucy heals. By the time we can start up again, it will be cold out for sure and probably snow on the ground.

Shammickite said...

Bryn is looking a bit grey around the muzzle.
I look after Tessa the mentally deficient Golden Doodle occasionally, when YoungerSon and The Bride are away, and I love to take her for long romps through the local forest.... lots of blog posts about that!
OlderSon tells me he is going to get a puppy in the spring.... hmmm... wonder how that will work out? They already have 2 moggies, a horse, a lively 4-1/2 year old in kindergarten, and they both have full time jobs. When are they going to find time to look after a puppy? Stay tuned to find out!!!!!

lotta joy said...

I want Custard. He can have Stud's side of the bed. Bryn is at the age where he assumes the long walks are for YOU, and he'll go along if he has to. I'm glad he's got you. Now that FrouFrou knows her place, she's getting the better side of it by having a playmate.

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - Looking forward to your rain post!

ShadowRun300 - We like routine in our walks, so if it is raining at walk time we get wet.

Terri - I can see you having fun getting back into walks when it is cold and nasty outside! Lucy will be hiding like Frou Frou does!

Shammickite - Wow, OlderSon really has his hands full - and adding to it! Looking forward to hearing about it!

Lotta Joy - Everyone loves Custard - local kids see him coming and rush to hug him - even one kid who is absolutely terrified of every other dog he sees.

Abby said...

These three are just too cute. I think if I was Frou Frou, I'd hide out for those longer walks too. There must be three times the steps for her! Bryn looks very regal in her pose. Fully established as queen I see.