Wednesday, 11 January 2012


The moon was still up this morning!

The view to the west.

The view to the east.

Had a great evening last night - crushing stats for my dissertation!    Morans I Spatial Autocorrelation.  OK it was really dull but the results are wonderful. Within the 9 years that my data covers there is an steady increase in the concentration of many American industrial sectors, i.e. companies are continuing to locate and relocate close to other similar companies.  I love that this can be seen over such a short timespan.

OK, forget the last paragraph.  Hope you liked the photos.


agg79 said...

Some of the most spectacular sunrises/sunsets I've ever taken were during our trip to Hawaii a few years back. The colors are amazing.

Sounds like you are making excellent progress on the dissertation. Would like to see some of the charts of the changes over the years. Being a part of the medical industry, we have seen a similar trend where companies are moving off short to capture lower costs.

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - Sunsets over the sea - yes, they are something special. I will see if I can do something vaguely meaningful for the blog at some point. Looking at my Health Sector data at the moment!

Ms. ~K said...

Just when I think you've gone totally "right brain" on us, you start with the dissertation stuff...just can't help yourself, can you? :)
Thanks for sharing your beautiful sunrise...we have thunderstorms this morning in north Georgia!

terri said...

The moon was still up yesterday morning over here too. I love when that happens. Night time and morning converging in one spectacular scene. Today it's cloudy. I could see the moon, just barely. It was hiding behind the clouds. There's talk of snowfall today.

Good to hear that your dissertation is coming along well!

Rock Chef said...

Ms K - No I can't help it, I just write what is on my mind, better or worse... Hope the dogs are OK with the storms.

Terri - About time your snow arrived! :-)

CiCi said...

Look one direction, one picture; look the other way and the picture is different. Same thing here.

Are you using a variogram in your dissertation? Eight years tracking info is great info.

Rock Chef said...

CiCi - I am mainly using maps to illustrate what is happening, but I can't rule anything out at this stage!

"Abby" said...

Okay, so I had to look up "Moran":
1. a test(1951)of the null hypothesis that data from an observed series of events arise from a Poisson process against the alternative hypothesis that they arise from a renewal process.

2. Between the ages of about 14 and 30, young men are traditionally known as morans. During this life stage they live in isolation in the bush.

3. Irish boy name

AHA! Irish boys testing mathematical data in the bush!

But what I was really going to say is that I like the photos. It always surprises me how bright the world is at night when there's a full moon.