Monday, 16 January 2012


Never mind the recent frosts - this winter has been really warm.  Add to that the fact that our garden is really sheltered so the frost doesn't really get to the plants and you get some strange things. 

Like this:

This is a Wild Primrose that is in a pot next to the rabbit run.  It hasn't got much in the way of leaves (party because Bubbles loves the taste of them and begs to be fed them through the wire) but it has produced this cute little flower.

OK, better go -  have a presentation to prepare for and want to have a quick play with PowerPoint.  See you soon!


"Abby" said...

Beautiful shot! The crisp, bright petals really stand out against the dark subdued background. And "Bubbles"? I think you deserve an award for best pet names.

terri said...

What a pretty little flower. It's been warm here, but not THAT warm.

Good luck with your presentation!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Do herbivores adore to EAT flowers? My rose bushes are still in shock after a few cows ate half of them.
Your cow was in my garden and my garden is in your cow now.

wReggie said...

Its warm here too. I saw blooms a few weeks ago but tonight it is 22.

Shrinky said...

It's lovely, isn't it? We've got pansies, crocuses and daff's in full bloom over here!

Hope the presentation went off alright?

Rock Chef said...

Abby - The original 3 rabbits were called Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup. Yes, named after the Powerpuff Girls!

Terri - The presentation is next week, but I still have some work to do on it.

Shadowthorne - our rabbits love eating some flowers, especially wild ones which we pick in the spring and summer. Don't know about roses, though.

wReggie - 22? That must be a shock to the system! Roll on the holiday!

Shrinky - Yes, there are things like that here too, and also the occasional tree in blossom! The presentation is next week, but thanks!

agg79 said...

It is just a tease. Winter is hiding around the corner waiting for you to plant something or put away the winter clothes. Don't get sucked in. It will be back with some nasty weather. BTW - were in the high 60s over here.

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - My daughter is predicting snow by the weekend...