Thursday, 26 January 2012

Eventful Day...

OK, what to talk about first?

I did my presentation about my dissertation this afternoon.  Time is a funny thing.  I did a few practice runs and came in well under the time limit, which sort of worried me, but when I was talking I seemed to expand on the topic a bit more and before I knew it I was getting the "1 minute warning"!  But I was happy with how it went and a couple of students said that I did a good performance so that is OK.

Time to step up to the next assignment now!


Before Christmas, we ordered and paid for a new sofa and armchair for the sitting room.  It was supposed to arrive this week, but no news.

Mrs RC rang up to see where it had got to.

Hm, a slight problem.  They are in stock but don't match.  The chair is the wrong colour.  They are 90% sure that the sofa is the right colour. 

We can have the sofa tomorrow if that is OK, but will have to wait for the chair.  They might even only charge us once for delivery as a good will gesture!  Mrs RC told them that this was not a "good will gesture", it was something that SHE considered a no-brainer, something that should not even be under question - if they expect us to pay delivery twice because they messed up, she was cancelling the order and getting a refund.

I hope for their sakes that the sofa is the right colour and arrives tomorrow - we have been sitting on camping chairs for a couple of weeks now (had to make sure the old stuff was gone before the new stuff arrived*) and it is wearing thin...


Have a great day!  I think I have a bottle of wine that needs drinking tonight!

* If you scroll down you will see that in a photo of Custard you can see that what looks like an armchair is actually a camping chair with a fur throw over it.


"Abby" said...

Sounds like your presentation went well, if you're happy with it and the student feedback is good!

I'm with Mrs. RC. In fact, the sofa & chair people should just waive all delivery charges at this point!

CiCi said...

Did you tape the presentation so we can see it?

Camp chair or sofa, you have a warm family life and wonderful family.
Good for Mrs RC for sticking up for what is right.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

The only time I timed my presentation was for my thesis acknowledgement in front of several lecturers in the university, a long, long time ago.
Now, as a teacher, we make up things to talk if the time allows. One man performance eh?
My sofa set does nor have an armchair (these new IKEAnesque designs seldom do). So I got a CAMPING CHAIR to pull up nearer to the tv for my gaming sessions. And oh, I draped the fake fur on my sofa instead ;)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Damn this iPad!
... does NOT have... I always mistyped nowadays because this touchscreen keyboard is so sensitive.

I was about to ask what kind of fur you have draped on your camping couch. We don't use much fur here, being a very hot country. The fur pelt that I have was fake, made from wool. But it looked like it belonged to a polar bear!

terri said...

Anytime in my life that I've had to give a presentation, the actual thing ends up being MUCH shorter than the practice runs. I tend to speak faster when I'm nervous. Glad yours went well and you were happy with the outcome.

Mrs. RC is right. They are doing you no favors by offering to charge you only one delivery fee. They are the ones who screwed up. Think how many people would just sit back and not complain and just pay the extra. I'm sure that's why businesses act as if they're doing you a big favor in situations like this.

agg79 said...

Kudos on the presentation! Practice always helps flush out the butterflies and makes it go easier when the real thing comes.

Waiting on new furniture. Now there's something we've done before. I agree with Mrs RC. If it ain't the way you ordered it, brook no compromises! If they were really wanting to do a good will gesture, they'd make it right and not charge you anything for delivery. But, I do like your stylish camping decor furniture.