Friday, 18 November 2011


Another busy week under my belt, and a busy weekend coming up too!

Tomorrow I am off to London for a lunchtime beer or two with Agg79!  We have been blog friends for some time now, so I am really looking forward to it.  We are planning to meet outside Buckingham Palace - seemed like a good place to me!

After AGG79 heads off to see the rest of the sites, I am going to go guitar shop hunting.  There is a nice cluster of them that I visited many years ago and each time I am in London I fail to find them again.  This time I am prepared with a map and everything!  Wish me luck! 

Will try to remember to take my camera and post pics when I get back.


terri said...

I'm so excited that the two of you are meeting (and slightly jealous.... looking forward to 2013!)

Have a wonderful weekend. Have fun with Agg and I hope you find the elusive guitar shops.

agg79 said...

Hey, RC! It's not too late to back out, ya know. Lodging is locked & loaded, train tickets in hand, rain gear packed, camera juiced up. Looking forward to it tomorrow.

If you don't see me off hand, remember to look for a "smile".

Anonymous said...

Ooh, guitar shops! Pictures please! I'm visiting one tomorrow for a Strat part for one I'm going to sell. I'll be driving my new wheels.

A Dodge Strat Us. Get it? I have a pic up on my blog, along with some very significant changes.

Have a great time and Take tons of pics!