Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thursday? Already?

Busy, busy week...

Tonight is Dissertation night again - going to do a first draft of the introduction.  This will be a breeze if the brain juice is flowing properly...

Looks like the truce with the cats is over - had one trying to break into the rabbit run again last night.  We are going to rework the netting around the garden at the weekend.  Mrs RC thinks she has a way of doing it that will keep the little b@$£@&ds out...  Hope it works because I don't think we will be giving any quarter this time....

Went to buy pizza at lunchtime but the place was shut, so I went to a nearby place that does cheap and cheerful sandwiches and stuff.  I asked for bacon with a sprinkle (yes I did say "sprinkle") of cheese.

What would you call a "sprinkle"?

I was thinking she would grab some with her thumb and fingers and "sprinkle" said cheese over the bacon.


I got 2 not especially dainty FISTFULS!  There was far more cheese than there was bacon by the time she had finished!

Did I complain?


"That is a SERIOUS sprinkle!" was my comment.

And it was very good, I must say.

Off to grab dinner now - wonder what I will find?


terri said...

You can never have too much cheese. Especially when bacon is involved.

Come to think of it, you can never have too much bacon.

Hope your dinner was good! Hope the brain juices were flowing!

agg79 said...

That's my definition of sprinkle. Terr's right, you shoulda asked for more bacon as well.