Monday, 14 November 2011


Mondays are always extra busy these days, a real case of "jumping in at the deep end" each week.  I guess it isn't a totally bad thing, though.  Assuming I actually float back to the surface again the rest of the week is a comparatively easy doggy paddle.

Just spent an hour or so on my dissertation.  I am trying to settle into a "little and often" routine with this.  Not a bad approach to most things, to be honest.  Can't think of many things where "little and often" is a bad thing!

Now watching "Persons Unknown".  I rather like this - it is like a nasty version of those reality TV shows where people are kept in isolation in a building or on an island and try to stay in as long as possible.  In the last episode they were gassed a couple of times and then given some gas masks, but not enough for everyone....  Fun in a sadistic sort of way, but they make the people unlikable enough for you not to feel bad about it.

OK, time to go.  Need to refill my glass.  Yes, I am blogging from home, and I rather like it!


Ms. ~K said...

I never had a blog while still teaching...I admire you for finding the time!
Little and often, that works for me as well!
Now get to work. :)

agg79 said...

They gas the contestants? I could grow to like that kind of show. Can we adopt those tactics to some of our "so called reality shows" over here (the cast of Jersey Shore comes to mind).

I am sorta hooked on the History Channel's Top Shot right now.

kenady said...

Wow, that show sounds interesting:)

Blogging from home? How nice!!

terri said...

I couldn't watch a show like the one you just described. Watching a group of people get gassed without enough masks for everyone is, for me, on par with watching a drowning scene. It would give me anxiety.

Kiki said...

I'm with matter how unlikeable they made a "contestant" I would feel awful watching them be gassed....Ick! I am dying for Downton Abbey to premier in January, set in England and I am loving it....its available on Netflix (do you have that) and I'm re-watching it!!!

Hope all is well!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think i've just jumped OUT of the deep end, with a brand new blog design and new content. Also a Strat pic! Drop by sometime and let me know what you think of it, picker to picker. Also check out "Liquid Mind" in the player in the sidebar. Delicious synth work, and zero beat!

Rock Chef said...

Ms K - It is a case of making time - many of my posts are hammered out in a couple of minutes, unlike the finely crafted posts that many put together.

Agg79 - Yes, I could happily see it applied to a real show...

Kenady - The show is really rather good, look out for it.

Terri - Ah, you are such a nice person!

Kiki - Haven't been watching Downton Abbey. Seems people are either loving or hating it, with many people just being pedantic and picking holes in it over here. Shame, they should just leave it alone if they don't like it as it is a great thing for British TV!

James - Yes, love the new look - and your strat! I have a cheap Aria copy which does a good job for me - it is at least as nice to play as many Fenders I have played in shops (which of course depends on whether the shop has just hung the thing on the rack or done a proper setup themselves!). Might put new pickups on it at some point, although that would more than double the value of the guitar!