Monday, 13 September 2010

Lunchtime phone conversation

Mrs RC:  I am trying to put the dining table back together.  Where did you put the bolts?

Me:  Ummmmmm.  I remember you telling me to put them somewhere safe, where we would not forget them.

Mrs RC:  Did I?  You can't remember where you put them, then?

Me:  No.  Ummmmmmmmm.  Oh, hang on, I think I put them in the bowl that one of the kids made that used to be in the kitchen.

Mrs RC:  That is still in the shed.  I will see if I can find it.

Mrs RC rings back.

Mrs RC:  It wasn't in that bowl.

Me:  No?  I was sure I put them in there.  Sure-ish, anyway.

Mrs RC:  Well I looked everywhere and finally found them.

Me:  Where were they?

Mrs RC:  In the coal bucket in the hall.  (Note that this bucket is not actually used for coal, it is ornamental, having been painted with flowers etc by my MIL years ago).

Me:  How on earth did they get in there?  I didn't put them in there!  That is a dumb place to put anything!

Mrs RC:  Well it wasn't me either, but somehow there is a load of stuff in that coal bucket!  It's like someone just threw stuff in there when we were clearing the kitchen!

Me:  Really?  Hm.  I can't imagine who did that...

Mrs RC:  No, neither can I...


The Moody Minstrel said...

That sounds a LOT like the way things tend to go at my house! Things just seem to end up being in places they have no business being!

Have the gnomes been restless lately?

TechnoBabe said...

You and Mrs RC are so good to each other.

Anonymous said...

We have a whole plastic bin full of that stuff. After one year...I dump it...if it is in there we didn't need it. I'll make sure not to put anything valuable in furniture bolts.

Claire said...

It is really bad when you're the only one living in your place and there is no one else to blame for things like that!!!!

terri said...

We have a habit of stashing things that way too when we are in the midst of a big project. It's always fun to find where things got put and try to remember why anyone thought that place was a good idea!

Shrinky said...

Your wife is a Saint!

miss mpls said...

Pretty sure I'm the "man" in my relationship. I can never remember where anything is!!!