Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Best Buddies for Ever!

That is something that my daughter says in a funny voice, but it seems sort of appropriate today.

I got thinking about a really good friend of mine.  We have been good friends for a few years now, meeting up for beers, playing toy soldiers, eating bad food, putting the world to rights - the stuff that good friends tend to do.  We share a lot of views and have a way of inspiring each other, feeding interests, distracting with new ideas, etc.

I would say that we are really good friends and tend to be there when needed, as well as when there is beer to be had.  The best sort of friends.

But there is one thing that bugs me about our friendship.  We met once before, about 15 years before we actually became friends.  We met up, started chatting, and then another guy joined in, took over and my friend went off, not be be seen by me for another 15 years!

I sometimes wonder if we would have become such good friends if our first meeting had lasted a bit longer.  Maybe, maybe not.  I don't think that either of us are the people we were back then. 

Maybe we missed out on 15 years of drinking beer together. 

Maybe we wouldn't be the best buddies that we are now.

I think overall I am happy with the deal we got. But I sometimes wonder.


TechnoBabe said...

Is your friend still good friends with the other guy? I think you are happy being friends with this guy right now and you have things in common. That is enough sounds like.

Rock Chef said...

TechnoBabe - We both lost contact with him long ago.

Shrinky said...

It's human to think "what if?", but our lives tend to have enough regrets as it is. You both are grateful for what you share, in the end that's all that's important.

Teresa said...

So many "What if's" in that thought...15 years is A LOT of time...there's almost no way to know. I was a VERY differnt person 15 years ago. I wonder if what happened was the exact right thing to happen. Hmmm....good pondering today! :)

terri said...

I like the sounds of him. He's someone to eat bad food with, drink beer with, have fun with...sounds like someone I might hang out with!

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

A best friend, by MY definition is somebody who is near and patient enough to hear me whine at the cruelty / unfairness of the world. We don't drink beer, but we do consume a lot of buffet together :)

Rock Chef said...

Shrinky - Very true.

Teresa - Yes, I am tending to think that this is how it was meant to work out.

Terri - I think he would fit right in with your bowling buddies...

Shadowthorne - Sounds fair - hope you work in a few laughs too, though?