Monday, 7 June 2010

What's that smell?

The weekend was nothing like I expected it to be.

On Saturday the weather was really hot, so instead of moving around the bedrooms, Mrs RC decided to give the garden a going over. I am not talking trimming and sweeping here. When Mrs RC gets into the garden we are talking major stuff. On Saturday she extended the slightly sunken area where our furniture is, using the spare earth to raise up the paved area in front of the shed (which had to be un-paved, heaped up with earth, leveled and then re-paved). It was very therapeutic, but she had trouble moving on Sunday...

So what was I up to on Saturday?

I went shopping.

Is our relationship messed up or what?

Anyway, I went shopping and one of the things I needed to get was an extension for my dad's headphones.

The only shop in town that had the stuff does not have the packs properly labelled and the woman who was serving had no idea about anything. I grabbed something that looked right but when I got back I found that it was 2.5 and not 3.5mm.

[insert sound of game show buzzer indicating that the answer was wrong]

Back to the shop.

Found the right size, but it had a plug on each end, not a plug and a socket.

Found an adapter.

Took them home.

[insert sound of game show buzzer indicating that the answer was wrong]

The adapter was 2.5mm...

Heading back - stopped at another, closer shop. Looks like they have the right one!

[insert sound of game show buzzer indicating that the answer was wrong]

Carrying on to the shop, found the right one this time!


Down on to the beach, bought the biggest ice cream I could find and ate it while looking at the art exhibition on the prom. Most of it was pretty bad, but there were a couple of really good cat pictures and a sketch of a herd of elephants which was so good it was totally out of place.

My dad is now happy with his headphone extension - it is so long he can wander from room to room and still hear his music/TV. Hm, maybe I should get him wireless ones for Christmas? Probably not, he would only give them away and forget he ever had them...

Sunday was a day of intermittent thunder and rain. Mrs RC tidied the front garden and then collapsed onto a sofa in the living room while I read and watched TV. Kept trying to get inspired to cook dinner but left it really late. Turned out OK in the end - found some pork chops and sizzled them on our new griddle - yummy!

Monday morning - woke up at 6am - Ew, what's that smell?

I toddled down stairs to find that Custard had diarrhoea. It was in the hall...

and in the kitchen...

and in the living room...

and in the back porch...

and on my rucksack...

and on 2 pairs of shoes...

and in a pair of boots!

Took us an hour to clean it all up. What a nasty way to start the week! Still, it must all get better from there, surely!


wigsf said...

I had a "what's that smell" moment last night. I was with my parents before dinner. I said "What's that smell?" Nobody knew. Or, nobody claimed to know.
"This is a smell I haven't smelled since Nonna (my grandmother) passed away. One of you farted."
I looked at my father. "I know your farts. They're awful. But they don't smell like this."
I looked at my mother. "It has to be. Your farting just like your mother farted. Filling the room with nasty ass gas and denying it!"
"I don't know what your talking about," my mother denied her having farted.
My mother is now at that age where she is farting like an old woman but she's still denying it.
Towards the end, my nonna stopped denying it. She just offered up the now classic explanation "It wasn't me, it wassa my bum."

Rock Chef said...

Wigsf - "It wassa my bum." Love it!

Terri - Hope so! Thanks for commenting twice - unless there are 2 of you - could the world cope with 2 Terri-Terri's? Yeah, I think so!

Shrinky said...

Arghhh, what a shitty start to the week (sorry, couldn't ressist - blush). Your Missus is a regular Super Woman, if she ever needs a new place to stay, will you please send her round? That was quite a run around at the shop, wasn't it? Must have been sooo frustrating! Glad it all panned out well in the end.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

:) lol I am having a fit about your dog being sick around the house! I hope Custard is ok now.

Wireless music is cool and simpler. My Bluetooth Motorola headphones is one of the best thing I ever bought :) (But if your dad is going to give it away, don't let him hv one).

I hate gardening, but my mom forced me to!!!

And where are the pics! Especially of the 'present' Custard left around!! We want pics! We want pics!!

agg79 said...

Life can be like that - not what we expect it.

All that drama over a simple cord extension. You are a better man than I. I wouldn't have settled for a mere ice cream after all that agony. A couple of pints would have been more in line.

Sorry to hear that Custard was under the weather. Believe me - we've been there a few times. Nothing like stepping in the middle of some nocturnal doggy souvineer at 0400 to get your attention. Hope he is over it now (or posted outside for the duration).

terri said...

Well, I'm glad I didn't try that comment a third time! Blogger kept telling me it was unavailable so I didn't think the comment published. Plus, (naughty me) I was commenting from my iPod touch from work so I was looking at a really teeny, tiny screen!

Rock Chef said...

Shrinky - She would probably want to build a bridge over your stream...

Technobabe - ah, at least it isn't just me!

Shadowthorne - well if it happens again I will try to get some photos for you, OK?

Rock Chef said...

agg79 - I did think about having a beer, but didn't like the look of the crowd that was outside the nearest pub. Best not to look for trouble...

Terri - Um, bad girl! :-)