Friday, 18 June 2010

Watch out, this finger is loaded!

Cycling home last night.



Mentally drained - it has been 5 years since the worst day of my life - the day I had to start getting used to having 3 children instead of 4.

Going up a hill that has a blind bend near the top. As I reach the bend some asshole in the car behind me decides to overtake - and nearly slams into a car coming the other way. I memorise his number plate, something that I have taken to doing these days - don't know why.

I raise a hand, aiming it like a child playing Cowboys and Indians.


No justice. Why is that A-hole alive? Why wasn't it him instead of my daughter? I know that this is a bad way to think, but sometimes, just sometimes...

Continuing my journey.

Only another mile or so to go.

Into a series of bends in the narrow road.

What is this up ahead?

A car, half in a field - broken fence - the front end of the open bonnet (hood) is buckled.

It looks like A-hole's car.

Check the plate...

It IS A-hole's car! And he is standing beside it looking really miserable (and unhurt).

I tried not to look too ecstatic as I went past.

Hah! Watch out, this finger is loaded!


Sunday is Father's Day! Mrs RC told me to choose myself a small present, so I got a pack of new toy soldiers. They are nice and simple and I will try to speed paint them over the weekend. Will post pictures if I succeed. Looking forward to a nice cake or something too...

England are playing in the World Cup tonight, so I will try to get going early to avoid the rush of people trying to get home in time for the kick off. Don't want to have to use my finger again :-)

Have a great weekend!


wigsf said...

Justice is supposed to be blind. But lemme tell you. Out on the street, the bitch got eyes.

kenady said...

that finger sure IS loaded!! sometimes we are rewarded with sweet justice!!

agg79 said...

That's one loaded finger you've got there. Sometimes, just sometimes, life plays the right cards. Glad that you made it home ok. I could be wrong, but IMHO (twisted as it may be), a-hole deserved what he got.

Have a great weekend. Hope your enjoy father's day.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

.... if we purges every A-hole in this planet, they'd be no one to shoot at later :)

I also jotted down a few number plates of cars that dissed me on the road (even one which hit-and-run over me). So I'd be able to remember to slash ALL tyres when I ever meet them again :)

terri said...

I'm sorry there had to be a "worst day of your life." It's not fair. *Hug*

How often have any of us wished the kind of justice that came upon the a-hole? Serves him right.

Shrinky said...

Eeek, keep that finger shielded in future! Hubby cycles to work and back on his week on in London (and he works in central London, so we are talking insanity here). He's had a few narrow escapes, mostly not his fault. His cycling helmet split almost in two on the last one (the driver never even stopped, perhaps he genuinely missed he'd mowed him down?).

I wish I knew something wise and not cliched to say about the anniversary of the loss of your precious daughter, but I can't, so I'll hold my tongue. I'm also holding you, and your family, in my thoughts (hugs).

What a shit game England played! My 13yr old could have done better (*xxf...kxyzshowerofmorons). I'm fast losing faith here..

Fathers Day - oh joy. How come it's always down to ME to make everything happen over at my gaff?? Hope you have a good one.

Rock Chef said...

Wigsf - Very profound!

Kenady - Just sometimes!

agg79 - Yep, I think he deserved it...

Shadowthorne - You have a hit-list! I should have known!

Terri - Start pointing the finger - yours might work too!

Shrinky - Your husband is still cycling after that? Most would have given up at that point - a tough guy for sure! Thanks for the message - I often wish more people would take that approach. England? And this was supposed to be the dream group that they could beat in their sleep...

mrsnesbitt said...

We have a biking pal who "shoots" drivers as he meanders along! Not necessarily when they do something wrong either! Entertaining I must say but not for the innocent drivers!

Rock Chef said...

Mrs Nesbitt - Hi! I only do it to those who deserve it, but you friend does sound like fun.

Teresa said...

I'm kicking myself for not seeing this on the day it was written or even knowing that day by heart by now. I'm sorry. My tears literally welled up when I read. I hate it that you had to experience and know that level of pain. Anyone for that matter. For whatever it's worth...I read this post to Chuck and then proceeded to mention to him that I've learned so much from your love and cherish my children and every single second I have with them. I'll never know or claim to know your's not possible but just knowing it's worse than what I imagine is enough to bring me to tears. You are an amazing Father John and I want to thank you for being vulnerable and sharing this with us. You're a good man.