Wednesday, 17 December 2008

My Christmas Wish List

A good fall of snow. It has been a long time since we had anything approaching a White Christmas. I want one this year!
Some new toy soldiers. I have been coveting this range for some time, but can't justify getting them at the moment.

A DVD recorder/VCR combo. Our VCR has died so it needs replacing, but I would like to be able to copy some of the tapes that I have got onto DVD.

A new guitar (yes another one!) This is a Rich Bitch 8 string bass, one of the most awesome guitars ever built. I want one!

A massive win on the Lottery so that I can organise a holiday for me, my family and a select group of buddies (and yes that includes blog buddies) to somewhere like this.

I also wish for each of my friends to get the one thing that they truly want, whatever it may be - a new job, a new baby, a new boy/girlfriend, or maybe that something will just go "click" and make life that bit easier! Whatever you wish for, I hope it comes true!


terri said...

What a fantastic list of wishes. Love that guitar! It's kind of crazy. And if you win the lottery, I say you make the vacation a tour. You can start by coming to Minnesota in December and enjoying a WHITE (and cold) Christmas. Then I'd be happy to join the group on a trip someplace tropical.

Sitting in Silence said...

Love your wish list.....
That island looks like a total dream....I would give my left leg to be there xoxoxo

Chief Rock Chef said...

Terri - Christmas in MN? Sounds like a great idea! We would all really appreciate the warmer weather after that!

Glad you like the list!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Sitting in Silence - Thanks! Well if I do win I will let you keep your legs, OK?

Jen said...

Hey..see you on Logzie's blog all the time..but never have ventured over. cool list. Love the guitar! (and the vacation idea!)

Kate said...

Great list RC - that guitar is HOT! Let me know when we all depart on our trip to paradise. I'll bring the maragaritas and the suntan oil!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Jen - Hi, yes I have seen you around for a long time too. I'll pay you a visit now. So you like the vacation idea too? Cool!

Kate - OK, I'll let you know!

Jen said...

I don't think these are too much to ask for! Great list!

We don't have white down here - normally, but lately we've been having some freezing cold temperatures!

Enjoy your department dinner tonight! Happy Christmas to you too!

mr zig said...

I want that bass too!!! soooo sweeet!

jenelle said...

wishing you the lottery too if that is the end result!!

more than anything on your list, I wish and pray for you a splendid time with your family filled with laughter, fond memories, peace, and joy that only God can give...

kenady said...

love the name of the guitar! i wish i was a rich bitch:)

and the vacation to the gorgeous island looks good too.

and thank you for wishing for your friends' wishes to come true. i wish you the very same:)

Teresa said... my list looks so materialistic and selfish...Thanks! LOL! I didn't wish anything for anyone I feel like crap! :)

That was way sweet though...thanks!!...but you better not be wishing for no baby for me! LOL!!

Okay...I've got it...first you get the rich b$it@h and then you go on tour to the states and pick all of us up and then we'll all go to the tropical island together and...yah...that would be great!

Kiki said...

Wishing for...oh you know...what a great list..

RC, I'm so annoyed at my Google Reader, it has been acting up and since I thought you were playing Mr. Mom all weekend you wouldn't be posting...only to find out that your lovely wife is under the weather (stinky)and you've been posting (double stinky, because I missed them)!!!

Your pics were lovely and I miss snow too, I think NY might be my cold weather choice...I'm intimidated by a MN winter!!

I'm wishing for that Rich Botch guitar for you too!!!

tz said...

well I hope you win the lottery too!

we're likely to have a white christmas here too...and unlike minnesota (sorry terri) you get mountains too ;)

fantastic list.

Ali said...

That was a sweet list! I would loooove to be on that island right now, because we DO, unfortunately, have snow right now. And not that I mind the snow, but the frigid temps that go along with it have me cursing every morning when I'm freezing my extremities off :)

But that's not very seasonal of me, now is it? Hehe

I hope you get everything you wish for this Christmas John - no one deserves it more!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Jen - You think they are reasonable? I guess one or 2 are...

Mr Zig - You like the bass too? I think it would suit you!

Jenelle - Thanks. I have a feeling that this will be a very good one.

Kenady - Yeah, you would be a great Rich Bitch! :-)

Teresa - No, I wasn't thinking of you when I mentioned babies! I think the tour idea is great - I will let you know when it starts!

Kiki - Those automatic things aren't totally reliable are they? Never mind. Those prairie winters do sound a bit nasty, don't they?

TZ - Mountains too? Cool! I like mountains!

Ali - Yes, the island idea is really popular isn't it? Shame it will never happen! Oh well. I thought you Canadians were supposed to be tough when it came to the cold?

Ali Kat said...

So... which one came true?!?

Chief Rock Chef said...

Ali Kat - Well I wished that my friends got something that they really wanted!