Monday, 15 December 2008

Christmas is coming!

Oh yeah!

Term has ended! YAY!

Still reasonably busy, but this week is the wind down to the holiday - Friday is my last day! Then I am off for 2 weeks! Can't wait!

The department Christmas dinner is on Wednesday! Hmmmmm!

Still have a few presents to get but I am having trouble with a few - just can't see anything that is leaping out at me.

Oh, one thing I must share - I am planning to barbeque on Christmas Eve - so long as the weather doesn't make it impossible, of course. Planning on a selection of stuff to cook - might even label up a few bits as "Rudolph-steaks" to see what the kids say.

Am I a bad parent?

I have learnt to play Silent Night on the guitar - nice and easy - who knows, after a few glasses of wine I might drag the amp into the garden so the whole neighbourhood can here it. No worse than carol singing! It will be like Brian May on top of Buckingham Palace!

Well, sort of. Im my mind. Zig will understand...

Have a great week, and a wonderful Christmas if I don't see you before!


James said...

I have worked it so I get a full two weeks off too this year. Big Son is back from uni- they get a whole MONTH.

Interesting idea, barbecue Christmas Eve. Hmm don't know if it would grab me to be honest. On Chritmas Eve we usually eat something really simple, either a jacket potato or Laundry Fairy will cook some Indian Roti (aka Chapatis). Never any meat though. That way we enjoy the rich food on Christmas better.

Whatever works for you though!

terri said...

Oh... I hate it when you're gone for an extended time. (Pouting!) BUT... I do hope you enjoy your time off, enjoy your family and playing your guitar and I hope the barbecue turns out FABULOUS!

If your kids are anything like you, they'll be in hysterics when they hear Rudolph steaks.

Ali said...

Rudolph steaks!!! Priceless!

And I am SO glad Terri is pouting - I thought I was going to be the only one, so I was trying to keep it to myself, but I am TOTALLY pouting about you being gone for 2 weeks :(

Would you PLEASE get a computer at home that's hooked up to the net so we can be selfish and have you all the time? Sheesh!

Chief Rock Chef said...

James - 2 weeks? Good work, you will deserve it! Our students get a month off too, but a lot have work that they are supposed to do during the break... We are having general picky, mess around food on Christmas day so a big meal the day before will work well.

Terri - Don't pout, I am sure you will have plenty of better things to do than read my blog!

Ali - I am under pressure to get a good connection at home, so maybe, one day...

sid said...

Rudolph steaks? Man that's brilliant. You have to write a post on your kids reaction to that news.

Sitting in Silence said...

Merry Christmas to you as well CRC....may you have a wonderful day sharing it with the people you love the mostxoxox

Teresa said...

Okay...I thought I made it easy for you by posting my Christmas list WITH pictures but I see you are still having a hard time picking out my gift...LOL!

I would LOVE to have you as my neighbor rocking out in the "garden"...we call it a "yard" on your guitar on Christmas Eve! Love it!!

tz said...

rudolph steaks...hahahaha