Monday, 8 December 2008

It starts!

I started the Pooh Grotto yesterday. My camera doesn't like taking pics in the dark (it is a camcorder, not a real camera) but I think these will give an idea:

The tree - teddy bear lights and Pooh Bear ornaments.
Here you can see the singing Pooh and Tigger (Eeyore is also part of the set - he is under the tree in the top pic). In the middle is a game that you can play - Bowling for Pooh, where you try to knock over the Pooh figures with the pompom that is hanging in front of Tigger. My best score has been 3 out of 5 so far.

The imprisoned Santa. This is in the hall , which is mainly blue this year. My wife actually approves! I must have gone wrong somewhere!

Looks like the sleigh will go in the hall - not enough room in the porch - but it relies on us reorganising the bedrooms so that the desk that is currently in the alcove under the stairs can move out of the way!

Seemed like such a simple idea at the time!


terri said...

It's so cute! And although it's a lot of work, isn't it worth it? I always feel like home feels so much cozier at Christmas time.

Miss Got Wings said...

Adorable~ And what a fun memory the kids will have when they're older :)

Ali said...

I love it all :) love it.
And the imprisoned Santa is awesome!!! Made me giggle :)

Chris said...

Gotta love the Christmas spirit!
When I got home last night, Ali had some of our Christmas decorations up.
That made me want to start listening to Christmas music.

kenady said...

i love the ornaments hanging from the ceiling! perfect!! can't wait to see more photos of the finished product:)

Teresa said...

Very nice Rock Chef!! I too love the ornaments hanging from the ceiling. I've seen it a couple times recently and am thinking that I'll do something like that next year too!

Thanks for sharing!

Sitting in Silence said... your decos....they look great...

Kiki said...

I looked forward to this post all year....when everyone starts posting their wonderful decorations...your Pooh Grotto, well...its great!!!

The Imprisoned Santa might be disturbing...heehee!!

Um Naief said...

i'm impressed w/ all the decorations. the time you put in is great. do the kids help? i love Winnie the Pooh. he's been a favorite of mine since i was a young girl, and Naief seems to really enjoy him. he has a little Pooh backpack. :)

do you play christmas music when you're decorating? i got out the music the other day. not playing it as much as i'd like.. maybe i need to start tomorrow.