Thursday, 27 November 2008

Grounds for divorce?

He got home after a hard day at work.

She said that the kids had eaten all of the food that she had cooked -what does He want to eat?

He did not know, ate a bit of left over garlic bread and then took the dog for a walk.

When He returned She was watching TV and knitting.

He joined Her, watching TV and doing crochet until he felt he needed to go to bed, exhausted.

He was soon asleep, only dimly aware of when She joined him.


She shakes him. "Did you eat anything for dinner?"

He tries to surface from deep sleep. "No, I don't think so. Why?"

"You stomach is making some terrible noises, and I can't sleep!"

"Oh. I guess I AM at bit hungry. Can't be bothered to get up to eat anything, though."

"I feel so aweful! I am such a bad wife!"

"Yes. Still, as we are both awake now..."



Ali said...

It is SAD that I am the man in that relationship - lol!

terri said...

Nah, I don't think that's grounds for divorce. Besides, I have a feeling she'll make it up to "him."

Chief Rock Chef said...

Ali - Chris forgets to feed you too? Aw!

Terri - Mm, yes, um He told me that she has made it up now. I didn't press Him for details, of course...

Princess of the Universe said...

This is a hilarious story!

Jack and Jill said...

Haha, you men are all the same!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Princess - Glad you enjoyed it!

Jill - I tried to think of a good argument against your statement, but couldn't think of one. You win!

Um Naief said...

hehehe... of course not!

tz said...

Jason told me he wasn't going to tell anyone that story...hahaha

oh wait, I don't knit, you mean this happens with other people?

hilarious, thank you for the chuckle.

kenady said...


Kiki said...

Heehee! Made me laugh!!!

Jen said...

This is full of awesomeness goodness! The kids must be growing and growing - eating all the food cooked!
Too funny!


Chief Rock Chef said...

Um Naief - Ok I'll take your word for it.

TZ - You too? I think I need to talk to Jason about this :-)

Kenady - Glad you enjoyed it.

Kiki - Glad you enjoyed it.

Jen - Trust you to find an odd angle! But you are right. My 14 year old is only a couple of inches shorter than me now!

Teresa said...

Oh you naughty boy you!! Um...I mean that naughty man him! Oh whatever...who are we foolin? LOL!!!!!

Ali Kat said...

That is so freakin' hilarious! I'm actually speechless - did you really wait till 2am to ask?!? Man, I gotta get hubby to talk to you ;)

Chief Rock Chef said...

Teresa - Yes, naughty HIM!

Ali Kat - They just happened to be awake at that time, that is all!

Sitting in Silence said...

Whoops...I have been guilty of this...once !