Monday, 7 July 2014


Saturday was supposed to be a barbecue day, so Number One Son and I headed off to town to find some meat, which we did very successfully after a hunt around.

Sadly, by the afternoon the weather had taken a turn, so we cooked indoors instead - using the normal cooker, of course, in case anyone wondered!  :-)

The meal was great anyway, with plenty left over for the next day.

Sunday was a nice lazy day, revolving around watching the Wimbledon Tennis men's finals.  Two great players facing off against each other - Mrs RC and I decided to cheer on the rival players - I chose Federer because he used to be in a TV ad for chocolate:

Yes, serious fandom going on here  :-)

Federer lost - maybe he would have won if those women hadn't stolen his balls.


Abby said...

Ha! I've not seen that commercial! We used to really follow tennis, but I'm not familiar with many players anymore. Didn't watch any Wimbledon.

I've found that meals turn out better when my oldest shops for the meat. Speaking of fandom, he's a big fan of beef. Sounds like a nice weekend!

terri said...

Sounds like the same kind of weather we've had for the past few weeks. Glad you were able to enjoy a good meal in spite of the weather.

Love the commercial! I've never seen it.

ShadowRun300 said...

Loved the commercial! Thanks for sharing!
Sorry to hear your cookout had to actually be cooked IN, but knowing your family, I'm sure you made the most of it! We've been getting our share of rain at inopportune times too, but at this stage of summer I say "bring it on!"

Shammickite said...

I remember that chocolate commercial.... we had it on the telly here in Canada too!
I watched the men's final, great game, went to 5 sets. Very exciting. Our Milos Raonic got to the semi finals, and Eugenie Bouchard got to the finals.... both Canadians to be reckoned with in the future.

agg79 said...

I've never seen that one before but that is a grat commercial! Sorry the weekend was a washout but that just makes it more memorable. Hopefully, there will be more chances for cookouts this summer.

Rock Chef said...

Abby - We had some nice beef on Saturday...

Terri - Yes, we don't let the weather mess with us!

ShadowRun300 - Indeed, bring it on!

Shammickite - Canada did do well this year - I can see you having a winner soon!

Agg79 - Yep, we are all ready for spontaneous outdoor cooking...

Riot Kitty said...

I want some chocolate now! Already have balls ;)