Monday, 6 January 2014


Just a quick post here - sorry for my slackness!

My resolutions are going well so far - I have spent a couple of evenings in bed with my laptop transcribing my scrawled zombie story from the notebooks into something more functional.  Enjoying it a lot!

Had a meeting with an old drummer friend of mine yesterday - he has a singer and guitarist lined up, just needs a good bass player. 

Oh, that would be me!

I have seen video clips of the guitarist and he seems to be very good.  The singer apparently won a TV talent contest some years ago and has been living off that ever since.  However he now wants to do more than sing to a backing track at least some of the time, have a bit of the fun and spontaneity that goes with having a live band.  Should be a blast!

The British weather continues to be wet and windy - we have lots of wind damage in my area, fences, downed trees, etc, but the flooding is well away from where I am, the wind is blowing the wrong way for my town to flood, and we are well away from those parts of town anyway!

More soon, even if it is only a snippet of my zombie story...


Riot Kitty said...

Awaiting a snippet!

That's very cool that you might be in a band again.

agg79 said...

I am with you on the slackness. Seems to be contagious (at least for me). Maybe it is left over from the holidays or the cold weather that is affecting all of us. Good to hear you are spending time on the stories. You just can't turn your back on those zombies for too long.

Abby said...

Good job on those resolutions! The book and band seem to be coming together nicely. Now, get to work on that weather!

terri said...

Your weather sounds pretty miserable. Hope you're wrong about the cold heading your way. It's awful.

Glad to hear the band is coming together. No doubt you'll all have a lot of fun.

Yay for the Zombie story taking shape! Can't wait to read more.

ShadowRun300 said...

A whole week into the new year and you haven't given up your resolutions yet. Congrats!
Snippets of your Zombie novel work well as a blog post. Hope to see some soon!
Seems like weather is the talk of the town for everyone....