Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year

A quick post to round out 2013 before I hit the wine some more.

2013 was a mixed year - lots of good stuff with some really bad stuff mixed in.  I guess that is what they call Life?  I think that one of the big problems in the world is that everyone expects life to be a bed of roses, forgetting the thorns that are bound to stab you where it hurts from time to time!

And for a change, I have a couple of New Years Resolutions!  Not something that I normally do, but here goes!

First, I will finish my Zombie novel!  Having my nice new laptop will make this much easier - I will be able to get a bit done in the winter evenings, maybe even working on it in bed! 

Secondly, I intend to get a band going this year - I have got a couple of options at the moment, so I should be making some serious noise in the near future...

That should be enough for one year!

How about you - any resolutions you want to share?


Abby said...

Happy New Year to the whole Rock Chef clan! Nice of you to take a wine break for us :).

I agree you can't have roses without thorns. That would be unnatural!

Nice resolutions, I await the zombie novel conclusion and stories of your band gigs. I don't have any resolutions yet, the whole New Year thing sorta snuck up on me. I'll hafta get back to you...

ShadowRun300 said...

Happy New Year to you all!
Your resolutions sound fun and very doable! And I, for one, hope you finish your Zombie novel. I'm halfway through the book I'm reading now, and I'll need something to follow it up with. Can you be done in say, three to four weeks?
I have made some resolutions this year that I'm hoping will improve my home and family life. I don't normally make resolutions for fear of failing, but I'm trying it this year. We'll see how it goes.
Enjoy the rest of your wine and the rest of the year!

Riot Kitty said...

Those sound like good ones to me! I want to finish the second children's book and get the cover updated on the first...waiting for a friend on the second.

How far are you into the zombie novel?

terri said...

Happy New Year, my friend! I foresee you being successful in your resolutions and can't wait to see and hear the results. I'm especially impressed with the way you've seemed to tackle the zombie novel with seemingly little effort.

As for me, I have some resolutions. I'm looking at these as a continuation of the personal goals I've been trying to set for myself each week. Some specific goals are to write more (blog or otherwise) and to stop letting negative people drag me down so much. Beyond that, it's the usual; exercise, eat right, be more charitable, etc.

CiCi said...

Finishing the novel sounds a solid goal. Good for you. Completion is success in itself. Getting a band together? Wonderful. Of course I will happy to hear the sounds since music is so big for me. No resolutions for me, I pretty much have daily must do's it doesn't work for me to have yearly resolutions. Happy New Year to you and Mrs RC and your family.

Shammickite said...

Resolutions? Well, I thought that I would walk more, but so far the temperatures have been so cold (-24C a couple of days ago) that I decided to stay at home. I'd like to visit cousins in UK again this year, but nothing concrete planned yet. And I need to keep the blog going, I have been very lax over the past 4 weeks.
Happy New Year, enjoy painting the new little people.

agg79 said...

Happy New Year to the entire Rock Chef tribe. 2013 was certainly a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. We can only look forward to better times in 2014.

Good resolutions. I cannot wait to read the entire zombie story when it is finished. As for me, I really don't do resolutions any more. I always seem to set myself up for failure if I shoot too high. I tend to keep more daily "to dos" that have a better chance of success. That said, I will probably be out on the road again traveling to different places and hope to run into a few more blog buddies.