Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas is coming!

There is no denying it - Christmas is on its way!

Number One Son will be home from Uni next weekend!

We just had the Departmental Pub Quiz - a wonderful evening of staff and students chatting, drinking and thrashing their brains over our dumb questions.

Parcels have also been arriving:

Must be Italian! An Italian who can't spell?

The weather has been quite nasty too - this part of the country has been cold, but other parts have had storms and floods.  

Nice photos, though!

And the plants are still hanging in there too:


Tonight see's our town's Christmas Tree lights being switched on.  You might remember me talking about last year's tree, which was branded as the worst in the country....

We have been promised a good one this year - according to the news paper a building company has paid £8,000 for it.  Probably going down tonight to have a look...

Watch this space!


terri said...

I hope there's a MAJOR AWARD for someone inside that box! Now I'm picturing you climbing inside it and tossing all the stuffing over your shoulders in an attempt to locate the contents of the box! LOL!

Seems like the weather is extreme and crazy all over the place. We are experiencing some very low temps here. Even Lucy refuses to go outside unless she's really desperate.

Your photos are just beautiful!

CiCi said...

Christmas boxes arriving and trees being decorated. Yep, sounds like Christmas is a few weeks away. I want to see this year's town tree.

ShadowRun300 said...

£8,000 sounds like a lot. Surely it'll be better than last year's.
I'd rather not be reminded how close Christmas is. I have only ONE present bought, and I'm stumped on what else to get. And WHEN to get them. Perhaps I could have whatever is in that frigale box?
So glad to hear you're son will be home soon! Mine will be home for a few days at Christmas and I'm really looking forward to it!
(You're ugly weather produces some beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing!)

Riot Kitty said...

Does that tree do your laundry and offer free oral sex? I mean, for $8,000!

I love the line about an Italian not being able to spell!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - It is a major award. to be honest! And Lucy sounds like she is getting soft! She would get on well with our girls...

CiCi - photo will be up soon!

ShadowRun300 - The FRIGALE present is one of those vibrating exercise machines, so you would probably love it!

Riot Kitty - Is that the going rate?

meleah rebeccah said...

"Must be Italian! An Italian who can't spell?"

Bahahahah - that typo is hilarious!

Abby said...

I remember last year's award winning tree! "FRIGALE" I'm seriously laughing now...

agg79 said...

Wow. For £8,000, it must have a lot of precious metal on it.