Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Holy crap, I am such a slacker!

In my defence, I have been really busy, with all sorts of silly subplots going on to sap time and energy.

Like being woken up in the middle of the night to be told that my daughter had lost her phone and what was she going to do?  My response of "go to bed and worry about it in the morning" was clearly not a good enough solution. 

The lost phone was found the next day (in her bedroom) after much chasing around trying to see if it had been found by her bus driver or handed in somewhere...

Lawyers.  'Nuf said, I think.

OK, not enough said.

What do you call 2000 dead lawyers? 

A good start!  [Boom boom]

We are having some great Fall/Autumn weather here at the moment.  Bright and sunny, but with a slight chill to the wind and a definite coldness in the morning and evening.  Wonderful cycling weather.

With the end of the Paralympics we are now in a sort of TV-viewing void.  The new shows (e.g. Walking Dead) have not yet started and by the time I get to sit down in the evenings I am too tired to paint toy soldiers.  Sometimes I play guitar with headphones on, at other times I channel hop. 

The shopping channels never cease to amaze me.  They have the greatest revolution in home cooking since the last one they were selling.  They have terribly ugly jewelry with recommended prices in the thousands of pounds, but it is yours for £99.99!  They have cleaners that can suck up M&Ms!  So what?  Why not just scoop them up with your hands?  They have PCs where everything is tediously average except the price!  For me the most amazing thing on show is the amount of enthusiasm that the sales person can conjure up for a pair of slippers with teddy bear faces on the toes.  Buy a pair of these and your whole life will change!  Your boss will promote you, your children will succeed at school and your husband will want sex again!  Buy 2 pairs and we guarantee World Peace!

Last night I couldn't face any more of this and returned to watching my DVD set of an old TV series called Teachers (starring the main guy from Walking Dead, as it turns out!).  It is all about a bunch of bad, overstretched teachers working in a bad school full of kids that don't want to be there - except 1 kid who is desperate to learn but never gets the chance.  Very funny and sadly accurate for many schools.

Wow, look at all that!  I don't feel like such a slacker now.

More soon!


Abby said...

Your lost phone story conjures memories of things that were surely stolen - until discovered in the house somewhere. Glad it's not just us.

I really don't watch much TV. Now I remember why.

terri said...

You're not a slacker until you slack as much as I do!

I love Autumn. This is probably my happiest time of year. We're still having pretty warm weather, but there are signs of the changing seasons, like leaves changing color and flowers beginning to look tired.

The worst t.v. show I've seen lately (Mark was absorbed in it, of course) was a reality show about a taxidermist. On this particular episode, he was asked to work on a woman's dead chihuahua because she couldn't bear to part with him.

ShadowRun300 said...

Great post! You definitely made up for your slacking! ;)
It amazes me that people actually watch those shopping channels! And BUY things! We just disconnected our land line, and TV may very well be next. It's getting more and more difficult to justify the cost. But then I think about missing Cupcake Wars and The Amazing Race.... Not sure I'm ready to give those up yet.
Does your Teachers show have a happy ending?

Rock Chef said...

Abby - I am the worst TV watcher in the house, while the kids prefer PCs and my wife has her Kindle...

Terri - That sounds awful! Wonder if it will get shown over here? We tend to get most things sooner or later.

ShadowRun300 - I can't remember how it ends. We are at the emd of season 1, and there are 3 more to go! I watched Cupcake Wars once, and it was horrible - tobacco cake? Really?