Monday, 2 July 2012

Long weekend

On Friday evening we went to my head of department's house for a barbeque.  He does not live far from us, so we walked.  Part of the route was along a little used public footpath.  I snapped a few shots as we went:

I rather like this one, and have bitten the bullet and entered it for a competition that the Uni is running.  The theme is "Freedom", and I think that this pic fits the bill nicely.  It seems that my photography is something of a talking point in the department, someone describimg my camera as my 3rd arm!

My daughter had a busy weekend - prom party on Friday and a birthday party on Saturday, with a sleepover afterwards. Today she has a one day ice-breaker session at college, in preparation for her studies in September.  A busy girl, but she is enjoying herself.  It is so good to see my kids enjoying life - I hated being a teenager with a passion.  Funny, I hate it when I see parents trying to live life via their children (pushing them into things that they failed at themselves) but is a strange way I think I am enjoying my children's teen years in a way that makes up for how much I hated my own!

Last summer, Custard the labrador suffered quite badly from the heat - you might remember that he laid down in the woods while we were out walking and refused to move for some time.  This prompted us to buy a buggy for him.  It is like one of those trailers that you get for towing children behind a bike, but it is designed for dogs and also converts into a buggy so you can push them along too.  We have had it in the living room to get him used to going in and out of it, but on Sunday we tried it out for real, taking him for a walk into town and then loading him into it when he looked tired.

After an initial bout of over excitement, he settled down and seemed to enjoy the experience.  This is when we stopped to visit my mom.  I haven't got any other pics yet, as he gets over excited when he sees my camera...

Did someone say "nuts"?  Probably, but it is all for a good cause.  Custard has hip dysplacia and this is another part of our plan for preventing the need for surgery for as long as possible.  He is 6 and a half now and rarely shows any signs of having a problem, so it seems to be working.

Have a great week!


ShadowRun300 said...

I don't think it's nuts at all! In fact, it's incredibly sweet and a great idea!
I love your freedom picture. It captures the open "road" ahead of her perfectly! Great choice to enter into the contest. Let us know how it turns out...
And don't forget the pictures of your daughter's prom. She let you take pictures, right? :)

CiCi said...

The Freedom photo is great, expanse ahead and behind and she is plodding along, moving forward.

I remember you talking about Custard not moving and how you had to carry Custard so the cart sounds like a logical solution. It is humane to care for your pet and do what you can to keep any discomfort down.

I can understand your view as a parent and watching your teenagers enjoy their lives.

Abby said...

I love the "Freedom" pic! All of the elements really work nicely together.

My son who just graduated has been downright cheerful since the end of high school. It is nice isn't it?

And I have never seen such a thing for a dog! What a great idea - the Custard Mobile!

terri said...

That is a beautiful shot! Definitely worthy of a competition.

You just described how I felt about my kids teenage years, but I never put it in perspective as well as you. I was not a happy teenager. Couldn't wait to be out of high school and only blossomed some afterwards. Maybe that's why I've so enjoyed watching my kids embrace it. Course there was also the pain of watching the middle kid face those years with the same feelings and attitude as I had.

Love Custard's buggy. I still have the old wagon that was my kids' when they were little. I thought about hauling Lucy around in it since she's still banned from long walks and running. But I'm pretty sure she would not stay put in it and would want to walk herself.

Rock Chef said...

ShadowRun300 - Glad you like the buggy and photo. I won't be posting photos of my daughter here, but I can send one directly if you want.

CiCi - Thanks - starting to feel that the Custard Mobile is more normal now!

Abby - There are quite a lot of things like this around for pets. When I was in Malta I saw a lot of people with small ones containing cats!

Terri - Glad you approve of the photo too! I can almost feel the prize money! :-) We tried Custard in an open cart but he jumped out. This one can totally enclose him, so he just has to settle down and relax.

agg79 said...

Love the Freedom picture. In my opinion, definitely a winner.

Sounds like your daughter is really enjoying her new found freedom. I remember those days long, long ago when I was headed off to college.

And love the picture of Custard in his new wheels. I wondered how he would take to it, but I am sure he is enjoying the ride. Does Frou Frou go with him for a ride? I recall seeing one of those buggies last year when we were in San Luis Obispo, California (very doggy friendly town).

Rock Chef said...

Agg79 - Leaving school and going to college was a big step for me - I hated school but college was great. Frou Frou did have a ride too - she sat in the front like a pilot! So sweet. we are doing it again on Saturday and will try to get some more pics.