Thursday, 5 July 2012


I had a nice steady day of map sorting planned for today.  But no, others had other plans for me.

A day of unplanned, intense brain activity has not done me much good.

Neither have the tar and bitumen fumes coming in through the window from a nearby flat roof which is being redone...


Today is a beautiful, sunny day - probably too hot, and the sun hurts your eyes and we weren't ready for a nice day so we are wearing too many clothes and didn't even think about sunblock!  I want to be outside, catching some rays.  I am wearing my shorts in the vague hope that at some point in my travels during the course of the day I will catch a little bit of a tan.  Not convinced it is working yet, but hey this is summer, and I will wear my shorts and expose my pasty white legs for all to see without shame!  I mean, apart from the colour my legs are pretty good for a man of my age!


terri said...

Since Kacey no longer plays in all weekend softball tournaments, I have no tan whatsoever either. But when it gets as hot as it has lately, I don't care. Everyone gets to see my pasty white legs too. Besides, being pasty white is the healthy thing to do!

I'm sure your legs ARE in good shape considering all the cycling you do!

ShadowRun300 said...

I've given up on suntanned legs. My shoulders and arms stay nice and brown due to the motorcycle rides, but I usually wear jeans so my legs get nuthin'. And it's way too hot to sit on the deck and purposely try to even out the tan... so everyone sees my pasty white legs as well. :)

agg79 said...

I hear that pasty white is the new "in" look this year. I spend way too much time at a desk to get any serious color. When I ran my 5k last month with all those bronzed runners, I think I had the whitest legs out there.