Monday, 9 July 2012

Adapting well

We took the dogs for another walk with the dog buggy on Saturday.

Custard did very well this time and settled nicely for his ride.  Then Frou Frou decided that she was tired too:

Yep, she no messing with her - she had it all worked out right from the start!


Well, the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is over for another year.

At least we got a Brit into the men's final this time - first time since 1938! It was a very tough match, but Federer won again.  He deserved to win in the end, and he seems like a nice enough guy so I won't complain.

One thing that did strike me, though, was how the BBC coverage ended.  As the programme ended they ran a montage of pictures and clips from the match, set to The Beatles singing "Let it be".  It was all slow motion and sad.  Made me wonder what they had ready to show if the Brit had won!  Queen singing "We are the Champions"?  Tina Turner singing "Simply the Best"?  Surely they wouldn't have run the same footage!


Abby said...

I just caught the end of the championship match on the news. Prince William and wife Kate did look rather somber. I like the idea of the Queen singing "We are the Champions". Maybe next year?

I don't think frou frou will ever go for an actual "walk" again from her look of contentment.

ShadowRun300 said...

Yes, Frou Frou definitely looks content! Quite the princess, isn't she? Too cute!
Your idea of the Queen singing We Are the Champions is brilliant!

agg79 said...

Frou looks happy in Custard's ride. Do they both ride together in that doggyhut?

I think it would definitely be great if they played We Are the Champions. Maybe next year.

Rock Chef said...

Abby - Yes, Frou Frou definitely tries the "oh I'm only small and delicate" act...

ShadowRun300 - If Frou Frou was a queen she would have to be Boudicca, the Celtic queen who caused the Romans so much trouble.

Agg79 - We haven't tried them both at once yet, but that will certainly happen sooner or later....

LL Cool Joe said...

Just popped over from Abby's blog. It appears that we Brits perhaps didn't expect Murray to win?

Shammickite said...

I watched the last couple of sets but it was on an American TV channel so they cut some of it out, it wasn't live, I thought Andy did a good job but Federer was just too much for him at the end. Murray gave a very emotional speech at the end, I had tears in my eyes too. Lots of pressure on that young man.
Oh well, maybe next year. I'm looking forward to hearing "We are the Champions" booming out over Centre Court.

Rock Chef said...

LL Cool Joe - Hi! Yes, we do seem to expect defeat these days - not without good reasonm I guess!

Shammickite - Yes, once Federer got warmed up it was clear who had the class. Next year? That is being said a lot over here! :-)