Monday, 23 July 2012

Days off

Funny how days off work, isn't it?

I am the only person who can do a lot of the stuff I do.

This has its good points - like I feel as safe in my job as anyone can feel.

It also has its downsides.

Like today.

I am taking tomorrow off - result?  I have to work twice as hard today!

I know others have the same experience...

Not complaining, though.  I have a great job.

Tomorrow, we are having a family meal out to celebrate:
  • Number One Son finishing school and being ready for Uni;
  • Our daughter finishing school and being ready for college;
  • Number Two Son completimg another year at school at the top of his class without really having to try;
  • Me finishing my degree;
  • Mrs RC surviving all this!
We are going to a great little place nearby that does an all you can eat buffet of Indian, Chinese and Thai food (with the now compulsory pizza and fries thrown in, of course).  I have been there before and it was great, so we should be in for a nice time.

Have a great week - I will play catch up on my blog list very soon...


agg79 said...

Congratulations all around!
Lots of reasons to celebrate. Hope you have fun despite the extra work you have to do to enjoy the time off. I always have the same challenge. Take off one day, get 3 days of work afterwards. I am paying for last week's trip to Minnesota.

Riot Kitty said...


terri said...

I always have to do some prep work in order to get time off too. Thankfully though, I can delegate certain time sensitive things to an associate.

You have much to celebrate. Eat a bunch and enjoy!

Shammickite said...

Well, if you have to work twice as hard to get the work done in order to take a day off, that means you're indispensable doesn't it? And that means you'll always have a job!!!
Have a great day, and enjoy eating all those yummy foods.
I can never decide whether I like Chinese, Indian or Thai food the best, so this place sounds like heaven to me!

CiCi said...

Your family is wonderful, of course you want to celebrate together. You are all achievers. Enjoy the day off and the dinner out together. It sounds delicious.

ShadowRun300 said...

Congrats to the whole family! And thanks for allowing me to find one good thing about MY job... I leave tomorrow for Colorado and don't have to do anything to prepare for my departure. Nor will I have to do any catch up when I get back.
'Course in the meantime, I work my tail off...
Anyway! Enjoy your meal out! It sounds like quite the cuisine!